TOP 5 video cameras for a store and shopping center in 2021

TOP 5 video cameras for a store and shopping center in 2021

According to statistics from RBC, in 2020, losses of Russian stores from theft amount are to 1.4% of turnover on average. The percentage is small, but the Russian Federation’s total turnover for the previous year amounted to 33.555 trillion rubles. This means that in 2020 46, 977 billion rubles were stolen. The way out is to establish a network of cameras. However, there are so many devices on the market that finding the right one becomes a serious challenge. Our TOP 5 video cameras of 2021 will help simplify the task.

List of video surveillance tasks for shops and shopping centers

In addition to surveillance, video monitoring in stores and shopping centers is intended for:

  • support of the safety of valuables, life, and health of employees;
  • protection of data from intruders;
  • saving money for security services;
  • protection of the owner and employees’ rights in the event of disputes.

All these functions are secondary but just as important. Mainly, video surveillance is installed for the following.

  1. Face recognition.

Modern cloud video surveillance can count the number of unique, recurring, and loyal customers. And the most important thing is to qualify visitors according to “white” and “black” lists. If a thief enters the store, the system will alert you.

  For example, the cloud intelligent service Faceter guarantees recognition accuracy up to 99.8%. The system uses modern computer vision. Read more about the function in the articles: “TOP-7 face recognition features in 2021” and “Practice of face recognition in masks. Does it work or not?

  1. Control of the presence of employees in the workplace.

A common problem for business owners is a lack of control over the work of employees. Late arrivals, queues, and inattention of the staff lead to non-return customers.

Faceter App

  • constantly monitors the presence/absence of employees and customers;
  • notifies staff about delays;
  • counts the waiting time of each client.

All video recordings are saved and broadcast to the monitor in real-time.

  1. Quality control of customer service.

Profits can also be lost due to the low level of service. To understand how customers react to the work of staff, it is enough to install cloud monitoring of behavioral factors. The function helps to understand:

  • emotions of the buyer during a conversation with an employee;
  • employee behavior;
  • violations of work standards;
  • compliance with local store rules by employees.

Faceter’s Smart Video Surveillance will help you understand where store profits are being channeled and monitor security in the premises.

5 best camcorders of 2021

IT technologies do not stand still. What was popular two years ago has now sunk into oblivion. To make your choice more accessible, we’ve compiled a list of the best camcorders of 2021.

Camcorder from DAHUA

Dahua DH-IPC-K35P Dahua DH-IPC-EB5541-AS
Shooting resolution is 3 MP Shooting resolution is 5 MP
The connection method is PoE and Wi-Fi The connection method is PoE
Infrared illumination is 10 m Memory cards are up to 256 GB
The recording speed is from 20 to 25 fps Possibility of analytics is provided
Lens is 2.8 mm with 100 ° field of view Lens is fisheye
Body design is cubic The body design is a panoramic dome

CCTV from Hikvision

Hikvision DS-2CD2443G0-IW
(2.8 mm)
Hikvision DS-2CD2543G0-IS
(2.8 mm)
Shooting resolution is 4 MP Shooting resolution is 4 MP
The connection method is PoE or Wi-Fi The connection method is PoE 
Infrared illumination is 10 m Infrared illumination is 10 m
The recording speed is from 25 to 30 fps. The recording speed is 25 fps.
The lens is 2.8mm with 114 ° field of view The lens is 2.8mm with 98 ° field of view
Body design is cubic The body design is a panoramic dome

IMOU camcorder

Imou IPC-K42P
Shooting resolution is 4 MP
The lens is 2.8mm with 97 ° field of view
The connection method is PoE and Wi-Fi
Infrared illumination is 10 m
The body design is cubic
The recording speed is from 25 fps.

Solution from FACETER

Faceter is more than just video surveillance. It is an innovative, intelligent platform that runs 24/7 at no additional cost.

It will constantly objectively assess the situation and notify you of what is happening wherever you are.

Faceter is a budget security guard suitable for businesses of all sizes.

To set up surveillance, you will need:

  • absolutely any IP camera or old smartphone;
  • Faceter application to be installed on the selected device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone). The mobile application for Android can be found here, and for iOS is here.
  • setting up video surveillance. It’s straightforward; you can do it yourself.

In addition to purchasing equipment, you will need to pay for the Internet (but you paid for data transfer before), as well as a monthly subscription to the selected tariff.

Agree, these costs are incomparable with the purchase of equipment without feedback + payroll for security guards? That is why the service can be ranked first in the TOP of 2021 video cameras.


Cloud video surveillance can replace the staff of security guards and managers, planning meetings to motivate employees and motion sensors for counting visitors. Trade 20 pieces of equipment and personnel with one innovative video surveillance network from Faceter.

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