TOP 7 facial recognition features in 2021

TOP 7 facial recognition features in 2021

Facial recognition, as a technology for public safety and business problems solution, is used in 98 countries globally; in 3 countries, it is prohibited; in 12 countries, it is approved by the state but is not used. There is no information about the use of such programs in 68 countries, but it is known that they are planning to introduce them shortly.

I’ll tell you about the full range of functions available in 2021 in facial recognition programs.

Developments by leaders in the field of facial recognition

Experts in artificial intelligence technologies, particularly the international company Faceter, have learned to recognize faces with an accuracy of 99.8%. The University of Washington has confirmed the effectiveness of the computer vision algorithms used.

World practice of application

The company “Surfshark”, which develops services to protect online privacy, has drawn up an up-to-date map of this technology’s application in all (194) countries of the world. The study was based on government policy.

The world practice of application is as follows:

  • The United States plans to implement the program to the entire passenger airflow by 2023. 59% of Americans, according to a Pew Research report, support such an initiative;
  • Brazil is actively using the methodology to combat crime. The facial recognition program produced results: in Brazil, the second most dangerous and most wanted criminal on the Interpol list was caught;
  • The Duchy of Luxembourg, as well as the Kingdom of Belgium, oppose the technology introduction while 26 countries of the European Union are actively using it;
  • The Russian, Chinese, South Korean governments, as well as Taiwan and Singapore, are using identification programs as a measure to combat COVID-19 and identify persons who violate the regime of forced and self-isolation;
  • in China, there is one video camera with human face recognition for every 12 inhabitants.
  • In the UAE, power structures are equipped with special smart glasses for scanning people and displaying information on a particular display;
  • Kazakhstan is actively testing such methods for paying for public transport fees.

TOP-7 functions

A modern video surveillance system is generally available, fits in the palm of your hand, is inexpensive, but at the same time has a developed intellect. Online identification and various video analytics are the main trends in the video surveillance market in 2021.


The immediate identification of human faces and emotions, combined with an impressive level of detail, is used to ensure public safety, increase situational awareness, and optimize business processes.

Database control

The function of maintaining customer lists allows you to create blocking and/or permitting VIP lists. In particular, this option is in demand in public institutions and institutions that restrict strangers’ entry. For example, we can talk about maintaining lists in schools and kindergartens, restaurants, hotels, and warehouses.

Keeping statistics

Additional analytical options connect to network video equipment and are used to collect statistics.

For example, you can report the number of new, unique and repeat visitors with detailed segmentation by specified parameters (gender, age).

You can also get reliable information about employees’ movement using data for different periods (day, week, month, year).

Work control

Video cameras keep track of the time of any activity, including:

  • online face recognition;
  • specification of working time;
  • compliance with regulations and deviations noting;
  • counting the time spent by an employee with a client;
  • calculation of the time spent by the client while waiting for the employee.

Details in the article “Video analytics: work process control.


Maintaining public safety in crowded areas requires user registration. Information is often collected using video cameras or mobile devices and entered into a single database.

Alarms and alerts

Lists of people maintenance with customizable notifications are the best solution for business.

For example, suppose a person from the “blacklist” of unwanted clients comes into the field of view of a video camera. In that case, the system sends an alarm signal to the operator’s console, mobile phone or e-mail (according to the previously selected option).

Alerts for “white” or VIP lists are triggered in the same way. Thus, the staff can quickly react to a particular visitor.

It is also possible to set an intense alarm in case of detection of aggression and suspicious actions.

Business optimization

In total, intelligent video surveillance can replace the staff of security guards and managers. Now it is possible to provide a continuous effect of the head’s presence in the office, production, and trade. All types of work can be monitored using an ordinary smartphone. The facial recognition function has become an indispensable business assistant in 2021. According to experts, the impact of intelligent video surveillance will expand by an average of 10% per year shortly.


As progressive technology, the facial recognition system is of interest to the state, private business, and individual users. Today, you can choose the set of intelligent video analytics features that match your priority goals. To purchase software, contact a trusted security store.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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