TOP 8 ways to save money on video surveillance installation in 2021

TOP 8 ways to save money on video surveillance installation in 2021

It is generally accepted that system video surveillance and its installation always require serious financial investments. Then this statement is more than relevant when we talk about the work of large-scale facilities, which have many mandatory safety requirements and need a large number of video cameras. Based on this, everyone, without exception, thinks about saving.

At the same time, it is essential not to fall into the classic trap: find an easier seller, buy cheaper cameras. Let’s figure out how to save on video surveillance installation in 2021 wisely.

New technologies in action

Today, the video surveillance market is experiencing rapid growth and a downward trend in prices due to high competition. Accordingly, all companies reduce the cost of services, including manufacturers, suppliers and installers.

The market growth driver is intelligent algorithms, video analytics and cloud services.

Before the advent of modern video surveillance methods, many users refused to install systems or received huge bills. Today, you can purchase a video monitoring system at a democratic price or even free of charge.

TOP-8 ways to save money on installing a video surveillance system

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For your convenience, we have selected the best saving methods relevant for 2021 and have systematized them. Read more about the eight saving methods when installing video surveillance.

Purpose and required functions of the equipment

Define the purpose of video surveillance and its objectives. Based on them, identify a list of functions that should be in your video recording equipment.

What are the savings? The fact is that modern video equipment is saturated with a lot of different functions. Moreover, each “additional” increases the final cost of the device itself and the installer’s services. Having a clear understanding of what is required for your surveillance system helps you toss out unnecessary options and get a quality surveillance system at a reasonable cost.


It will be much more profitable, cheaper and more convenient to lay the foundation for a video surveillance system (cables, wires) at the stage of building an object or before finishing work. Yes, the cost of the video surveillance itself will not decrease, but the total costs will be reduced by the cost of finishing materials and repeated repairs.


Only if you use video surveillance via smartphones from Faceter you don’t need a project. In all other cases, the absence of a design stage leads to several significant technical problems.

Do you want to know everything about:

  • design programs;
  • the sequence of the process;
  • established norms;
  • standard content of the project;
  • typical mistakes?

Read the article “Video Surveillance Project. Everything you need to know.

Savings for the future

Purchase high-quality equipment and order professional installation not to come up with endless spending of money (repair, maintenance, modernization). How you can kill a video surveillance system during installation is described in detail here.

Subsequently, “self-made” can bring:

  • decrease in the effectiveness of the security system;
  • equipment breakdown;
  • high financial costs for repairs and/or re-installation.

Besides, it is necessary to consider the need for timely preventive maintenance and service of the system. Read about seven ways to save in this article.

Free software

Do you think that free software is cheese in a mousetrap? No, it is not. In 2021, the video surveillance market players have an economic interest in distributing free software:

  • high competition;
  • the need to expand the sphere of influence in the market;
  • increasing brand awareness;
  • work on a positive image and growth of consumer loyalty;
  • attracting new customers in the sales funnel.

Take advantage of the market economy: choose one of the top three services with the expert publication “Video Surveillance Free. TOP-3 best free services ”.

Ready-made kits

You can buy a ready-made kit in the absence of any specific requirements for the video monitoring system. This approach guarantees easy on-site installation and budget cost.

PC instead of server

For example, a small video surveillance system (for home and office) can function without a recorder if a video capture card is installed on a stationary computer. At the same time, it is necessary to create opportunities for the smooth operation of the computer and the launch of the system.


Cloud video surveillance is the most progressive way to save money due to the absence of the need to purchase expensive equipment. Also, the provider takes full responsibility for:

  • maintenance of the system and its infrastructure;
  • updating hardware and software;
  • supporting security and ensuring reliable data protection.

Cloud storage for video surveillance provides the flexibility of settings, the possibility of system growth and remote control, and differentiation of access rights with the maximum degree of data protection.

What is required from a consumer is to connect pre-installed IP cameras to the cloud platform and choose a tariff plan according to the needs. The conclusion is saving on the cloud is easy.


Do you want to get a video monitoring system at an affordable price without overpayments? Use one or several methods from our TOP-8. Especially for you, we have systematized the main methods that are relevant in 2021.

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