Video camera on the window: functionality + 3 best options

A video camera on the window will help control the safety of property and vehicles stored outside the home. Not to constantly check a window, it is rational to use the video surveillance functionality. This article will look at the camera options and their technical requirements for monitoring.

Why do we need a video camera for the window?

Installing video surveillance on the window will preserve the property and its integrity and protect it from the gathering of unwanted people. For example, a camera will help:

  • protect a car, bicycle, or other vehicles from theft and damage;
  • drive away drug addicts, hooligans, strangers, and suspicious people from the windows.

It is essential to know that hanging a notice sign “video surveillance is in progress” is imperative to hang nearby when installing cameras. Read more about the rules for using the monitoring system in our article: “Ban on video surveillance. What is it?”.


A video camera for an apartment window must meet specific technical requirements to work correctly. The fact is that street surveillance is exposed to aggressive environments every day.

For example:

  • precipitation (rain, snow);
  • cold temperatures and, as a result, frostbite and icicles, which can damage the cameras;
  • vandals who knock down equipment;
  • voltage drops;
  • uneven lighting.

To minimize the negative impact of these factors, the camera should be chosen according to the following parameters.


Outdoor surveillance requires a special camera housing that protects the inside of the device from moisture, dust, temperature extremes, and shock.

Before buying, find out the negative impact on the equipment and choose the case according to the tasks. Read more in the article: “Choosing a housing for a video camera: 8 types + level of protection.


Each camera is sold with its own standard lens. For street control, the parameters of focal length, day-night function, and image clarity are essential. Additionally, personal identification (Face ID) can be considered a good bonus to the system.

Read more about the choice of optics: “Choosing a video camera lens for an outdoor surveillance system”.


The resolution affects detail and clarity at a distance. If video monitoring is installed close to the object, the shooting resolution may be small. But when monitoring over a large area, a professional camera is required. 

Light sensitivity

Outdoor surveillance is faced with uneven lighting that affects the quality of the footage. For example, at night, the images will be dark; at noon, the sun’s bright rays will spoil them, and in the evening and the morning, the matrix will not have enough light for clarity.

External control requires cameras with IR illumination, day-night mode, and a powerful matrix.

Installation nuances

When installing equipment, you need to consider:

  • the direction of the sun’s rays;
  • the location of trees and other tall objects that can obstruct the view;
  • required viewing angle.

It is crucial to point the camera lens clearly at the object of observation and exclude foreign objects from the field of view that do not carry information, for example, the sky.

It is also recommended not to mount the equipment behind a glass unit. The window can significantly distort images, and dirt will create blind spots.

Top 3 Surveillance Choices

The video surveillance market provides users with a huge selection of devices. To quickly choose the right equipment, we have collected TOP-3 options for monitoring.

Names Benefits
Hikvision DS-2CD2043G2-I
  • wide viewing angle;
  • high detail of the picture;
  • cylindrical protected case;
  • there is a swivel mechanism.
Hikvision DS-2CD1021-I (F)
  • viewing range is 30 m;
  • protected case;
  • reinforced matrix;
  • high detail of the image.
Hikvision DS-2CD2T43G2-4I
  • the ability to work with three streams simultaneously;
  • WDR function;
  • high detail of the picture;
  • there is an IR illumination;
  • video compression technology;
  • viewing range is 80 m.

Situation analysis is considered a powerful addition to video surveillance. Intelligent service Faceter will help turn ordinary monitoring into an analytics system. When integrating the application to the camera, the user gets:

  • timely alarm notifications in case of violations;
  • the function of recognizing the intruder’s faces;
  • remote control and management of the system;
  • low-cost data storage protected from cyberattacks. For more information about tariffs, follow the link;
  • maintaining lists of persons with notifications in case they fall into the camera lens.

With the Faceter service, you don’t have to check camera recordings yourself; smart algorithms will do everything themselves.

Conclusion on the topic

External observation cannot be performed without a system and a plan since too much nuance must be taken into account for correct future work. Choose devices according to the climate and the task. And if you need to strengthen the control system, pay attention to video analytics from Faceter.

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