Maintaining lists and face recognition: new trends in video surveillance

Maintaining lists and face recognition: new trends in video surveillance

Most Russians imagine a video surveillance system as in films of the 90s: huge cameras are installed at the facility, and an operator monitors the situation using black-and-white monitors on the video wall. Such security systems are already in the past, although they still have the right to exist. A modern video monitoring system can fit into a mobile phone, is inexpensive or provided free of charge, and has intelligence. Maintaining lists and online face recognition are the main trends in the video surveillance market in the 20s of the XXI century. This is what our article is about.

Fundamentals of intelligent video analytics

Modern video surveillance began to possess elements of artificial intelligence. This means that programs contain algorithms that are capable of solving certain problems in almost the same way as a human would.

The basis of intelligent video analytics is understanding human language, the ability to think, reason, learn and, most importantly, act.

Methods used in artificial intelligence technologies for video surveillance:

  • text recognition, automatic text translation;
  • speech recognition and generation;
  • recognition of gestures;
  • finding, tracking, identifying and classifying objects;
  • extraction of information from images and its analysis;
  • knowledge extraction;
  • finding patterns;
  • collection of statistics;
  • situation forecasting.

Thus, modern video surveillance has hearing, vision and signs of intelligence. With its help, you can replace security guards, managers and service staff. Want to know more about smart cloud video surveillance? The article “Video surveillance via the Internet: 5 facts you should know about” has been written for you.

TOP-5 main opportunities of innovative technologies

Businessmen are mainly interested in video analytics. They have to “keep their finger on the pulse” 24/7, which is physically impossible. The notorious human factor always distorts the real state of affairs in business, whether it is compliance with labor regulations or the quality of customer service. That is why only video surveillance can be objective.

Information for store owners can be found here. Information for restaurant owners can be found in the article “Cloud video surveillance for restaurants: you should know about it“. If you own a warehouse, read the article “Cloud video surveillance for warehouses: implementation in 3 steps” for details.

The features of the innovative video surveillance service are the following options based on the face recognition system:

  1. Maintaining a white list and maintaining a black list of visitors. The system owner receives a notification that visitors from the lists are in the observation area. The “White List” is replenished with images of VIPs and VIPs. A “black list” is a list of unwanted persons and their images.
  2. Counting the number of visitors (new, unique, repeat). The owner of the surveillance system receives a report on the number of certain visitors for a certain period of time (shift, work day, week, month, etc.). Some programs issue reports in the form of graphs.
  3. Classification of visitors by sex and age. This function allows you to conduct a detailed targeted analysis and use it for business marketing promotion.
  4. Quick search for people in the system lists. This option is necessary to ensure the safety of the facility, business, employees, as well as to monitor compliance with labor discipline.
  5. Calculation of the time spent by the employee in the workplace and in communication with the client. The business owner receives accurate data without distortion, can react to events in a timely manner and correct the work of employees.

Also, the face recognition program allows you to detail the working hours of employees, calculate the amount of time customers wait in line (at the checkout), read the emotions of visitors. These features allow you to understand and react to situations, offering the highest level of security for all customers. They are also aimed at optimizing business processes and the effectiveness of the marketing plan.

Listing and face recognition software

The Faceter cloud video monitoring system uses intelligent video analytics algorithms, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by the University of Washington.

You can download software for video surveillance with artificial intelligence elements in Google Play or App Store, taking into account your device operating system.

Despite the fact that the technology is as simple and intuitive as possible, it is 100% anonymous, it uses the capabilities of ultra-precise neural networks to separate tasks. Therefore, confidential video materials are processed in a completely trusted environment, and recordings containing personal data are transferred to a decentralized network.

The official website of the Faceter company is located at:


The face recognition function appeared on ordinary smartphones 3-3.5 years ago, however, a real technological breakthrough in this area has only recently occurred on the video surveillance market. Today, cloud intelligent video monitoring is available to almost every user. And most importantly, you no longer need special equipment. It is enough to download software with built-in intelligent options and connect several phones or already installed cameras to monitor the situation at a facility.

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