Video door phone as a protective device

Video door phone as a protective device

Video door phones, as devices for protecting properties, have been used for more than a decade. They prevent the appearance of unwanted guests, help in the prevention and investigation of offenses. However, there is an opinion that video door phones are intended only for private households. This is not entirely true. Modern technology development has made it possible to introduce devices into apartments and commercial facilities. The models differ depending on the tasks, but you can find a suitable option on the market. This is what our article is about.

Video door phone: cost, features and technical capabilities

Video door phone, an electronic security device, allows not only hearing but also seeing visitors. The advantage of the device is its versatility: it can be used in any facilities (apartments, commercial premises and organizations, houses).

A video door phone is a simple and compact surveillance system. It consists of a monitor connected to a camera and door panel that provides communication with the person at the other end. The panels are usually equipped with special reinforced housings that can withstand physical stress and weather changes.

The monitor of the device is located indoors and consists of a screen, control button, speaker and microphone for communication, memory unit and power supply or charging unit.

You can buy a video door phone at different prices, depending on the city and chosen model. The minimum price on the market is equal to 1,500 rubles, and the maximum is about 60,000 rubles.

Video door phone functions

Video door phone, as a full-fledged surveillance organism, performs the following functions:

  • round-the-clock surveillance of the situation within the camera’s line of sight;
  • remote door opening;
  • ability to avoid a personal meeting with an unwanted guest;
  • storage of recordings, which can be downloaded and viewed;
  • connecting an answering machine and recording audio messages from visitors;
  • alarm.

A great advantage of a video door phone is the ability to scale the surveillance system by connecting several cameras, outdoor panels and monitors. This option is suitable for large facilities.

Difficulty of installation

Setting up a video door phone is a rather complicated technical process for which you should call specialists. You can install the system yourself only if you have the appropriate knowledge.

The complexity of installation depends on:

  • characteristics of the facility on which the system is installed;
  • distance from the door panel to the monitor;
  • technical and other characteristics of the video door phone model;
  • presence/absence of additional work, depending on the situation.

Alternative solution

Video door phones for an apartment, house or office can be replaced with a smart surveillance camera from Faceter. We suggest paying attention to this universal alternative solution.

Faceter cloud video surveillance is a modern solution that has many advantages:

  1. Easy to install. You will need an IP camera, as well as a mobile device (phone or tablet) with the Faceter app installed. You can download the program for Android here, for IOS – here. You can read about how to connect a phone to a video surveillance system in our article: “4 steps of connecting a CCTV camera to your phone“.
  2. Intelligent video analytics function. The camera will be able to recognize faces, make white and black lists of people, classify guests by gender and age, and notify the owner in case of violations. Check out the full list of Faceter’s video analytics capabilities here.
  3. Reasonable price of use (from 290 rubles). You pay only for the Internet, which you pay for every month, as well as the chosen tariff itself.
  4. Innovative data storage. Faceter users have access to a flexible system that allows them to independently increase the access time to files without replacing equipment and calling a specialist.
  5. Automatic configuration and software updates. After connecting cameras to the system, it is automatically configured. At the same time, the main programs are stored in the cloud, where they are updated at the right time, notifying the owner.
  6. Monitoring and notifications in real time.


There are many systems for video monitoring of what is happening at home and at business facilities. Some choose specialized solutions, for example, video door phones, while others prefer universal video surveillance. Experts recommend purchasing such surveillance systems that are mobile, easy to install and reconfigure, have flexibility of settings and wide functionality. The Faceter cloud system meets these characteristics.

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Alexander Weber

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