Video surveillance components: modern wired systems

In 2022 no business or government agency can do without video monitoring and video analytics systems.  Citizens also actively use the possibility of video surveillance of their homes. As the demand grows, the supply grows and improves. Video surveillance service is becoming more versatile, and easier to install and configure. Technological surveillance systems are becoming easier to install and maintain than its recent predecessors. What does a modern video surveillance system consist of? What are the components of video surveillance? Read on to find this out.

What is a wired video surveillance system? 

Wired video surveillance involves a network connection via cable or Ethernet. A working wire and all the necessary instructions come with the video surveillance system.

In the system of video surveillance, the list of its components is not long today. And the installation of equipment is becoming easier. However, with all the simplicity of installing the equipment, you should remember that technically correct assembly is extremely important for the optimal operation of the entire video surveillance system. 

What should you pay attention to while equipment installation? If you do not want to make the video monitoring useless and do not want to bring down the functionality of the whole system pay your attention to 3 “Don’ts”: 

  1. Don’t install long spans of wires. Otherwise, the video signal will be of poor quality, and intermittent.
  2. Don’t leave unprotected wires in any surveillance: outdoor or indoor.
  3. Don’t leave connectors unprotected. Otherwise, they will be at risk of oxidation and interference, and the whole system will fail in a short time. Use special junction boxes.

How to extend a cable? 

During installation or relaying of the surveillance system, it might turn out that the cable is not long enough and you will have to extend it. What is the right way to do it?

Working with coaxial cable will be a low-budget and “long” solution. It is more durable than a twisted pair cable. There is a single-core or multi-core cable, each of them has its own advantages and extension methods.

Twisted-pair cables use special transceivers. They help in reducing noise, and increasing signal quality and range. There are also nuances and methods when extending twisted pair cables.

Video surveillance components

A modern video surveillance system consists of the following components:

  1. A video surveillance camera.
  2. Power wire.
  3. Gadget (smartphone) or network hub (hub attachment). Combines the cameras in a common transfer of material to the monitor via an HDMI wire.

The video monitoring system is improving over time, and its composition is becoming easier. In turn, almost anyone can now handle the installation and commissioning of the entire system.  

Basic installation principles

Despite the seemingly elementary nature of the process, installation and mounting of equipment, technical devices, adjustment of the technological process require the competent application of skills and thoughtful approach, compliance with certain requirements and rules. 

Below we will consider several basic options for the successful installation of the camera recorder

First, determine where you want to install the camera. This place should not be in full view of everyone. The room where the camera will be installed should have normal temperature and humidity.  

If you intend to install multiple cameras, decide on the number of recorders that will be most optimal. This will depend on the area being monitored.

Determine the purpose of surveillance and whether image detail is needed. The choice of the necessary viewing angle of the camera will also depend on the purpose of surveillance. Make sure that the camera lens does not look up into the sky, but overlooks the area of the object.

Before assembling the video surveillance system, be sure to learn about the mistakes made during installation. Knowledge will help you avoid unfortunate mishaps and make the most of your surveillance features in the future.    


The quality and functionality of the CCTV camera directly depend on how well it was assembled and installed. Important factors to pay attention to are protection from human intrusion, weather (moisture, temperature), skillful camera placement, choosing a reliable way to store the archive, and 24/7 access to it. All these requirements are taken into account in the cloud video surveillance service from Faceter company.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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