We extend the cable for video surveillance. 7 expert tips

Surveillance cable is not always the right length during installation or system transfer. In such cases, it is necessary to lengthen the wires. Let’s see how to do it correctly and what the maximum cable length is.

Optimal cable length for sound video transmission

The length of the wire depends on its type and the method of data transmission. For instance:

Cable type Model Distance Comments
Coaxial RG6 400 meters


If the distance exceeds the optimal value, the picture will lose sharpness.
RG59, РК, КВК, 3C-2V 200 meters
Twisted pair With active transceiver on both sides 100 meters As the distance increases, streaks appear in the image, and the noise becomes more visible.


With passive transceiver 200 meters If the distance exceeds the optimal value, the picture will lose sharpness.


Without transceiver 150 meters The image quality decreases with distance.

But how to lengthen a coaxial cable or twisted pair if the optimal length is not enough?

Coaxial cable extension

Coaxial cable for video surveillance is durable, budgetary, and allows you to run longer lines than twisted pairs. The wire consists of a central core and a braid; to lengthen it, take the advice of a specialist.

4 expert tips

Extension methods depend on the type of center conductor of the cable: stranded or single core. Let’s consider both options:

  1. Single-core cable:
  • screw two coaxial connectors F onto the end of each cable and connect them with an F socket.

Advantages of the method: it will help eliminate signal loss, connections will be constructive to mechanical damage.

      2. Stranded cable:

  • peel off the braid and twist the hairs of the central core together. Then soak a neutral soldering iron in grease and make a solder. Connect two wires as in a single-core version – F socket and F socket.

Advantages of the method: the central core becomes more solid.

Extend twisted pair cable

The twisted-pair gives a minimal distance, so it is most often lengthened in street systems. Special transceivers are used to maintain the quality of data transmission, reduce noise, and increase the signal range. They were named above in the table. 

3 expert tips

There are three ways to extend the twisted pair cable:

  • using special pass-through modules. With this option, you need to crimp the two ends of the crimpers with connectors and then connect the cables with a through-pass module;
  • pass-through UTP extension cable:
  • soldering. But the method is complex and lengthy. 

It is also recommended not to use twists as the wire may oxidize.

Instead of conclusion

You can always lengthen the wires; the main thing is to know the methods that allow you to preserve the signal quality. However, there are objects where it is impossible to draw lines. Then you should take a closer look at Wi-Fi video surveillance.

Well, to not rebuild the entire system several times, it is worth developing a video surveillance project at the first stages, where all the nuances are specified.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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