Video surveillance during construction and repair in an apartment

Video surveillance during construction and repair in an apartment

It is necessary to control the work of repair contractors. If there is no time for constant visits to the apartment, video surveillance of the repair will help you. In this article, we will look at aspects of the installation and feasibility of remote monitoring.

What is the meaning of video monitoring?

Hiring specialized construction crews or individual workers is necessary in many cases. But turning to contractors is always a risk.

Supervision during construction and renovation will help you to:

  • preserve building materials and control their rational use;
  • remotely monitor the quality and speed of work;
  • resolve controversial / conflict situations;
  • maintain the safety of the situation at the facility.

Conclusion: remote surveillance cameras will save time by eliminating constant visits to the apartment. At the same time, they will allow you to monitor the situation constantly. Most importantly, contractors will be more responsible when they know they are being watched. And control of working hours helps to reduce financial losses.

Don’t want to do a manual analysis of workers’ activities? IP cameras and intelligent analytics services will help you automate the process, e.g., the Faceter service.

Equipment parameters

For video surveillance at a construction site to give results, you cannot install the first camera that comes across. The choice of equipment must also be approached competently and thoroughly.

Important device parameters:

  • the possibility of remote control;
  • cloud storage of data;
  • video analytics function. The system must notify the owner when violations are detected. Alarm events are specified in the settings;
  • the presence of additional illumination (light sensor or infrared backlight);
  • the option to zoom in individual parts of the image (Zoom);
  • required viewing angle. It is necessary to understand in advance what territory you need to control and push off from this, choosing the width of the view;
  • resolution of about 2 megapixels. High-quality shooting is usually not required at construction sites since detail is not appropriate;
  • for outdoor and home monitoring respectively, different cameras are needed.

The legitimacy of using video cameras

On a private territory, the owner can install video surveillance without obtaining permits. But it is imperative to warn the team of workers about the cameras. Because:

this will immediately increase the productivity and quality of staff work;

otherwise, you are breaking the law on personal data.

You can learn more about the legitimacy of using video surveillance here, “Prohibition on video surveillance. What is it?“.

Prohibition of covert surveillance

According to Art. 137, 138, 138.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the tacit collection of information about the private life of citizens is prohibited. This means that by establishing covert surveillance, even in your apartment, you face criminal liability.

A warning

Covert video surveillance can lead to:

  • a fine of up to 200 thousand rubles;
  • imprisonment or forced labor up to 4 years;
  • mandatory dismantling and destruction of equipment at the expense of the device owner;
  • compensation for damage to injured persons.

Read more about the ban on covert surveillance in our article: “Wireless micro camera for covert video surveillance.

Installation principles

  • After the equipment is selected, it should be installed correctly. Here are the basic rules for installation:
  • the entire installation should be carried out as carefully as possible. It is not enough to fasten two bolts; you need to check all the connectors, the reliability of the mounts, the cleanliness of the lens, etc.;
  • cable spans should not be too long. This will result in a bad signal;
  • installation should be made at a sufficient height in the room so that the frame is complete and clear;
  • all equipment must be compatible. Analog and IP cameras cannot be installed in the same system.

Read more about the installation rules in the materials:

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Supervision of contractors and repair teams is objectively necessary. It is a fact. However, intelligent CCTV cameras will take worker control to the next level. Use the universal Faceter system to monitor installation, and upgrade it for any task.

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