Video surveillance – foundation of a safe city. Integration matters

Video surveillance foundation of a safe city. Integration matters

Every year the infrastructure of cities becomes more complicated, but at the same time unified control systems are still not widely used. An innovative and comprehensive solution is required to manage the urban organism and ensure the safety of the population. Modern conditions contribute to the creation of a system of constant monitoring that prevents offenses and informs the appropriate services to eliminate them.

In Russia, “safe cities” are just beginning to appear, although rarely and as an experiment. But the United States, China, Canada, India, the Middle East and some African countries are already fully implementing these plans.

What is a safe city system?

Safe city system is a complex and dynamically developing structure that requires a security system with special requirements. The main points are the effectiveness of video analytics, ability to work with a huge amount of data, uninterrupted monitoring 24/7 and resistance to weather changes and actions of intruders.

As a result of the developments, world experts called such a system a “safe city”. A safe city is an automated control organism with machine vision for managing facilities in a city (housing co-ops, parking lots, public places, schools, courtyards, etc.).

Structure of the safe city system

The safe city structure was created to collect and deeply analyze incoming information from various urban subsystems, as well as to ensure their joint productive work. All this together creates a comfortable and safe urban environment for the population.


Statistics show that fifty percent of safe cities began with ordinary video surveillance in crowded places. The system made a huge contribution to the work of law enforcement agencies and continued to be promoted.

However, safe city cameras are only designed to fight criminals. To make life in a city as comfortable as possible, you need to control all its parts. Therefore, gradually, safe city systems began to scale, and as a result they include:

  • urgent dispatch service. Special devices are located around the city in crowded places, with their help you can call rescue services (police, emergency services, ambulance). The contact is established through a call center, which redirects calls to the necessary authorities;
  • fire alarms. The devices record the fact of a fire in residential and industrial buildings and send a signal to firefighters;
  • emergency alarms. Sensors react to flooding and gas contamination of rooms;
  • access control to technical rooms. The system reacts to unauthorized entry into basements, attics, utility rooms, warehouses;
  • system for calculating energy resources. Sensors monitor the quality and quantity of water, heat and electricity in a house. Energy counting allows you to monitor the efficiency of a housing organization.

These are just a few of the safe cities features, software and cloud storage are constantly improving.

Role of cloud video surveillance

Control over the infrastructure of a city is a complex process of analyzing and storing huge volumes of information that comes in every minute. Therefore, analog equipment can no longer cope with the tasks set. Cloud video surveillance has come to replace it. As the name implies, all incoming information is stored on a separate server – cloud. This means that the organization of video monitoring requires Internet access and new generation digital cameras (IP cameras).

To better understand what cloud video surveillance is and what role it can play in security, read the article: “Online video surveillance: everything you need to know“.


In Russia, safe city systems have been implemented only in Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Donetsk, Shlisselburg and Elektrostal. Video surveillance and analytics in the cities do not apply to the entire territory, but projects are developing and there are prerequisites that volumes will only increase. Since the idea and results of its implementation attracted the attention of the authorities.

Faceter cloud video surveillance 

Cloud storage is a remote service that stores information from surveillance cameras. Only the owner can get access to the system through a personal code. Read the article to familiarize yourself with the topic: “Video surveillance via the Internet: 5 facts you should know about“.

One of the most popular cloud storages in Russia is a service from Faceter. It is used by many entrepreneurs, individuals and companies to control facilities thanks to its intelligent capabilities.

In a safe city system, Faceter is a winning solution because:

  • it does not require extra equipment. This means that criminals cannot do much damage to the technical side of video surveillance;
  • it is able to analyze incoming information, create reports, white and black lists of visitors, as well as recognize faces, report violations, etc.
  • it can be used as outdoor video surveillance. Read more in the article: “Outdoor video surveillance: how to install + 3 services“.

Faceter cloud storage is capable of processing a huge amount of information from video surveillance. City, street or yard will be completely safe and under constant monitoring.


A safe city is a new urban idea of ​​increased security that is just beginning to develop in Russia. Many owners of apartment buildings are trying to secure their property through video surveillance. If you do not know which system to use so that it has an acceptable price and simple technical settings, then we recommend that you take a closer look at the Faceter cloud service.

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Alexander Weber

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