Video surveillance in a housing co-op. Trends-2022: multifunctionality + analytics

The video monitoring system in apartment buildings is increasingly common. Not only the developer and the management company are interested in this, but also the residents themselves. In this article, we’ll look at video surveillance goals and trends for the coming 2022.

Video surveillance of housing co-op

Video surveillance of housing and communal services is capable of solving several problems simultaneously:

  • ensuring the safety of residents;
  • preservation of property;
  • increasing the house’s attractiveness for those looking for or selling an apartment. Cameras will make the yard more secure and organize keyless access using Face ID, recognition of license plates, etc.

Installation of several “smart” cameras will help solve the most frequent problems of apartment buildings: theft, damage to property, penetration of unwanted persons into the territory.

Main characteristics of the equipment

Since video cameras will be installed in crowded places and on the street, the following requirements are imposed on the equipment:

  • vandal-proof housing;
  • the function of shooting “day-night” when the illumination of the object is uneven;
  • the presence of IR illumination.

Such a set of characteristics will allow cameras to maintain image quality and system performance 24/7.

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Important! If a video camera is installed at the entrance or on the house territory, notice signs should hang next to the device. Otherwise, video monitoring will be illegal.


Video surveillance is developing more and more rapidly every year, and not using the full potential of the systems is a rash decision. For example, today, no analog camera can compare with the technical capabilities of a wi-fi video camera for monitoring over the Internet. For an example, read our article: “Parsing an AHD (TVI, CVI) system and network IP video surveillance”.

If the user wants to use the full potential of video surveillance, then it is necessary to choose systems according to the following characteristics.


A separate surveillance system, which can film what is happening, no longer meets modern requirements. Multifunctionality is relevant today.

Let’s take a look at the Faceter service as an example. It includes:

  • standard observation;
  • video analytics;
  • remote control of equipment, the entire system, and software updates;
  • the ability to integrate into a “smart” home or office;
  • cloud data storage.

Such a surveillance system can replace operators near monitors and security guards; due to its versatility, such video control is widespread.

Video analytics

Video analytics is used in housing and communal services for face recognition, license plates, and the organization of contactless access. This system will allow you to control the penetration of undesirable persons into the territory of the house, help law enforcement agencies with the search for people, and monitor parking and accidents.

Additionally, analytics can detect the arrival of special equipment, garbage collection, or offenses.

How to sell a surveillance system?

As part of monitoring the territory of an apartment building, you do not have to buy a separate new system. It is enough to provide access to the “safe city” via a paid subscription.

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Video surveillance in housing and communal services solves a complex of tasks: from controlling property and protecting residents to investigating crimes on the territory of the facility. To strengthen the security system, you need to follow the latest trends and implement analytics and versatility. This is precisely what the Faceter service offers.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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