Video surveillance in transport

Video surveillance in transport

More than half of the sales of video surveillance systems are in the public sector and specialized transport companies. A high level of situational awareness and communication is required these days. And it is mobile video surveillance systems for passenger transport that help drivers avoid road hazards, and transport companies, as commercial enterprises, improve the quality of service. Our article will cover all the current trends in transport video surveillance. Read on.

Objectives of video surveillance in transport

Global goals for the implementation and use of video monitoring systems in transport:

  1. Ensuring security. An important aspect is the readiness to respond to various incidents related to the infrastructure of the city/country.
  2. Improving the quality of service, where the ultimate goal is to minimize costs and maximize profit.

At the same time, three segments of video surveillance products have developed:

  • means and devices for recognition of license plates of moving objects;
  • means and devices for face recognition as a direction of intelligent video analytics;
  • tools and devices for event analytics.

Safe City system

Unhealthy transport system quickly turns it into an uncomfortable and unsafe environment: the population cannot receive timely medical care, utility companies are unable to resolve service issues, and firefighters stop responding in time to emergencies.

It is control over the city infrastructure that is given to the specialized “Safe City system“, where transport, roads and video surveillance play a special role.

License plate recognition

Video surveillance in such a narrowly focused area as license plate recognition plays an important role in the life of any city, namely:

  • helps to control traffic flow;
  • contributes to the control of parking spaces and their payment;
  • supports entry control (to a protected and/or private area);
  • records the time spent by a car in a certain area;
  • carries out access control, vehicle registration and compilation of white and black lists;
  • contributes to the prevention of traffic violations.

For more information on license plate recognition, see our article: “License plate recognition: TOP-4 best services”.

Passenger counter

The use of passenger traffic meters in public transport is necessary to achieve the following goals:

  • minimizing costs due to unstable passenger traffic;
  • controlling the number of tickets sold;
  • improving the accuracy of fare collection;
  • remote control over the work integrity of conductors and drivers;
  • obtaining statistics on the traffic load in the context of a certain route;
  • route planning.

Public transport, which video surveillance appeared objectively, is under continuous remote control. In particular, bus video surveillance is widely used in large Russian cities.

Surveilling the driver

Video surveillance systems for public transport and car sharing:

  • security;
  • preservation of material values ​​(vehicle itself and its parts);
  • remote control of the driver’s actions. In particular, detection of smoking and use of mobile phones while driving.

IMPORTANT: in car sharing there are already penalties for smoking in rented cars. The size of the fines varies from 5 to 15 thousand rubles (depending on the company). At the same time, smoke detectors do not pick up vapes and other smoking mixtures, but this does not negate the fact of violation in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Video analytics

Presence of artificial intelligence options in video surveillance is a reality of our time. Modern transport video cameras have computer vision, hearing and intelligence, so they are capable of processing and analyzing the received data.

Faceter is the leader in the field of high-precision and intelligent video analytics in Russia. The proven efficiency of face recognition is 98%, according to the confirmed data of the Research Center of the University of Washington (USA, Seattle). All possibilities for face recognition are described in the article “Face recognition technology: principle of operation and relevance.”


Transport video surveillance is an important aspect of overall security. From the point of view of transport business owners, presence of video cameras in public transport solves certain business problems: it calculates passenger traffic, reduces costs and helps to improve the quality of service. Experts are confident that in the coming years the number of intelligent video cameras in the transport sector in the Russian Federation and in the world will increase.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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