Video surveillance on playgrounds: 4 serious dangers and nuances

Video surveillance on the playground in the yard of a high-rise apartment allows residents not only to be confident in the safety of their children while staying outside. Surveillance cameras record any wrongdoing in the territory of the residential complex: hooliganism, violations in the parking lot and dishonest drivers drinking alcohol in the yard, walking dogs in the wrong place.  In this article, we will analyze the necessity of video monitoring in the yard and the main nuances of the equipment installation.

Playground monitoring 

A serious help in ensuring safety and solving controversial situations in the yard video surveillance provides. Playgrounds, the situation in the yard, cases of theft, the presence of unwanted persons, in each matter the value of CCTV cameras can not be overestimated.

Video monitoring on the playground allows you to observe the behavior and condition of children during independent walks on the playground, to determine the presence of strangers or undesirable people according to the black list. Accordingly, as a result, it dramatically increases the level of safety for children. 

4 non-child dangers 

You can monitor your child via your smartphone from anywhere. A video recording will help in dispute resolution when toddlers get in a fight or ruin someone else’s toys. Video surveillance cameras in playgrounds contribute not only to the peace of mind of young mothers.

In addition, the system of video surveillance at the place of children’s play in the yard can reduce the risks of such dangers and offenses:

  1. Child abduction.
  2. Vandalism and drinking alcohol in the yard.
  3. Walking dogs in the wrong place.
  4. Misconduct by utility companies.  

Kidnapping of children.

Social experiments in the world and in Russia have shown that the vast majority of the children in the study, namely 9 out of 10, easily left the playground with a stranger.  And this is despite the fact that the parents talked to the children about the dangers of interacting with a stranger. 

Installing a smart video monitoring system would significantly reduce the risk of a minor being abducted.

Vandalism and drinking alcohol

Installing surveillance on playgrounds means once again warning hooligans and vandals against damaging or destroying property on the playground and in the yard. And in the case of vandalism to help in the investigation and identification of hooligans. 

The same applies to those who enjoy drinking on the comfortable playground.

In any case, the surveillance system will be cheaper and more effective than frequent repair of swings and garbage collection on the playground.

Dog walking

Every apartment building has dog lovers. Unfortunately, most pet owners don’t have a habit of cleaning up after their pets and walking them in a designated area. It is also a question of a common human culture. 

Surveillance cameras help identify and combat this lack of culture.  

Careless work of public utilities

A multi-functional video surveillance system in a housing co-op will also allow you to monitor the quality of utility companies. How often the garbage is collected, when the purpose-built vehicle arrived, how the janitor works, these and other questions can be tracked with the help of surveillance cameras.  

There will be something to show to utility services as proof of their dishonest work.  

Camera criteria

Installation of a street camera requires compliance with mandatory requirements for equipment and installation. Important for the equipment is:

  1. The presence of a special housing to protect against temperature fluctuations, dust, and moisture. 
  2. Compliance with additional parameters in the lens: 
  • focal length, 
  • the resolution, sufficient for picture clarity 
  • IR-illumination and day-night mode, 
  • face detection, and black and white lists are desirable.

Installation Considerations

Before installing the equipment, you need to get permission from the apartment management company and familiarize yourself with some important features. 

  1. Make a design for the surveillance system. This will avoid future losses from operating the system.
  2. Choose a proven contractor to work with. For example, Faceter cloud surveillance, multifunctional, smart surveillance, will be the best choice to solve a whole host of security and order issues in the yard, playground, and entryway.
  3. Determine and document the list of people who will have access to and responsibility for the system.
  4. Be sure to notify the residents of the building about the video surveillance. Install special informative signs.


Video surveillance in the playground is not a waste of money, but taking care of children and helping parents stay calm. In general, having a surveillance camera in the yard greatly reduces the number of offenses committed in the territory of housing co-op and vandalism of the co-op property. Cameras also help in resolving disputes and identifying abusers.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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