Video surveillance on ships of maritime and river transportation. Normative standards and implementation.

In the present day world, video surveillance on the fleet, both maritime and river vessels, has become an urgent need. It is especially in demand on cruise ships and tankers. And since 2017 the system of video monitoring, and in some places the need to make audio recordings, has become an obligatory attribute of the functioning of ships. What does the current legislation of the Russian Federation say and what are the requirements for the process of video recording in the fleet? Read about this in this article.

2 regulatory laws. 

Which laws in Russia regulate video surveillance on river vessels and sea-liners? Why is it necessary to have video monitoring systems? 

In 2007 the Law “About transport security” came into force. It marked the direction and tasks of transport security. Since then it has been supplemented and improved by the government’s resolutions. As a result, it increased control and settled some disputes over the implementation of the law, and defined the specifics of equipping the ships.    

There are two main documents. These are Resolutions No. 678 from 16.07.2016 and No. 969 from 26.09.2016. They complement each other.

The first document defines the requirements for protection against terrorism in facilities, taking into account security indicators, including water transport.  

The second document defines the conditions for the functionality of security equipment. There are also rules for the certification of equipment involved in the organization of security. Certification of the technical complexity is mandatory.  

Documents and their requirements apply to the video recording systems as well. 


Implementation of the Law “About transport security” with all its additions assumes the obligatory video surveillance on sea, river and any water transport. Video monitoring on civil ships has become a vital necessity. And the Law only established the regulations of the technical side of transport security. 

In some cases, there is a legal requirement to transmit audio-recording of the situation on the ship.   

The video recording system must have high resolution and detail, have scalability, transmit “picture and sound” simultaneously and have a number of other significant advantages. 

Benefits of Cloud Video Surveillance

Cloud video surveillance actively replaces the classic or analog video monitoring equipment on the market. Why?

It’s all about the broad list of advantages that the cloud format has nowadays:

  • simple integration with other technical means;
  • remote control from anywhere in the world;
  • simple installation, configuration, automatic software updates;
  • multifunctionality;
  • affordability and accessibility;
  • security of data transfer and archive storage.

Faceter cloud surveillance service allows you to control any surveillance point from your phone. The capabilities of a smart surveillance system and a smartphone connected via software to the video cameras at home or at work will be an effective alternative to keeping a security guard, a marketeer, or a babysitter.  

Which cable to choose

What kind of wires do you need for the effective operation of surveillance video cameras?

Analog video surveillance uses coaxial cable for its operation over short distances. For distances over 250 meters, you need power and cable with optimal voltage. This is not a simple task.

IP – cameras are connected with the help of Cat-5/UTP cable or Ethernet connections. 

Fiber optics uses light to transmit data. Here it acts as a signal carrier. It is suitable for large objects and long distances. But not every camera is suitable. You will need special equipment.

An alternative is the convenient IP-based Faceter cloud surveillance system. A Wi-Fi connection provides online data transfer to the cloud for storage. Access to cloud storage allows for monitoring and timely response to events from anywhere on the planet.    


The importance of safety in water transportation, especially passenger transportation, cannot be overrated. Especially when the question is taken to the legislative level. The threat of terrorism in transport remains. The owners of passenger ships must keep this in mind and comply with the norms of Russian law. Reaching out to trusted specialists and modern smart technologies helps to solve the problem of keeping people alive on the ships.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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