Video surveillance via the Internet: 5 facts you should know about

Video surveillance via the Internet: 5 facts you should know about

Not everyone knows that a modern video surveillance camera via the Internet can fit in your pocket, and the entire system is installed in 15 minutes, without the involvement of specialists. And we are not talking about spy, secret equipment, which, by the way, is prohibited in the Russian Federation. We are talking about modern video monitoring over the Internet. Read the article to the end and you will learn about 5 interesting facts that will forever change your opinion on ​​video surveillance for home and/or business.

Myths and stereotypes about video surveillance

The sphere of video surveillance, despite the openness of information, is still a closed topic for many Russians. This is due to the following myths and stereotypes:

  1. The well-established mass opinion that only wealthy people can afford video control of their home or business. The main misconceptions about video surveillance:
  • you need to buy expensive special equipment, which will certainly be bulky;
  • installation of the system can only be carried out by a professional or a special licensed agency;
  • you need to call a specialist for repair or configuration;
  • to monitor facilities, it is necessary to equip a special room, as well as maintain security staff;
  • to store information, you need to have your own server, and in case of data leaks, the responsibility is only yours.

These stereotypes should already be in the past. Today, the entire surveillance system can be completely free or inexpensive, mobile and lightweight.

  1. The myth that video surveillance is prohibited because of the law “On Personal Data”. In fact, FZ-152 does not even apply to the installation of outdoor video cameras, since monitoring the situation using video monitoring equipment and identifying a person through video recordings based on their biometric parameters are two different legal processes.

When installing a camera (outdoor, or in a room where third parties may be), you need to install warning signs with the words “Video recording”, “You are being filmed”, “Video surveillance”, etc.

  1. Service providers misleading consumers. Sellers of analog equipment (that is very expensive and cumbersome), in pursuit of their commercial goals, misinform people. They suggest that video surveillance is difficult, expensive, and cloud video surveillance via the Internet is not serious, unsafe, and ineffective.

In fact, progress is replacing analog equipment and obsolete surveillance techniques. Read the article “Remote video surveillance systems: future is here.”

  1. Difficulty of choosing a service provider. Consumers lack a coherent system of criteria, and aggressive advertising does not allow them to understand the situation. If you open a search engine and look up “video surveillance via the Internet“, the first pages will show you those service providers who have carried out the most effective advertising campaigns. However, this does not mean that they are the best specialists. This is not a fact.

Solution: choose a provider according to reviews, recommendations of experts and real users.

How to choose a service provider

Online video surveillance via the Internet is provided by many companies, the main common feature of which is the desire to progress. However, the following factors should be considered when choosing software and a service provider:

  • depending on the budget – the cost of equipment and tariff plans;
  • depending on the goals of surveillance – the technical characteristics of the program, including scalability of the system, integration with other equipment, intelligent analytics;
  • in order to simplify the process – the convenience of connection, configuration, installing, updating.
  • for the sake of personal peace of mind – the level of security, degree of responsibility and data storage time, reviews of real users and recommendations of experts.

Faceter meets all the above requirements with the highest rating. In addition to the classic functions of ensuring the safety of material values ​​and protection of property/premises, the service has a set of highly intelligent video analytics:

  • counts visitors (new and regular), and also segments them according to various criteria;
  • notifies about the arrival of important and unwanted guests (maintains white and black lists);
  • performs a quick search by faces;
  • constantly monitors the working hours of employees and their performance of official duties, compliance with safety measures and technological processes;
  • notifies about disciplinary violations;
  • calculates the waiting time of clients;
  • recognizes the emotions of customers;
  • video surveillance camera via the Internet is easily adaptable and integrates with other equipment.

5 uncommon facts about video surveillance via the Internet

Interesting and unknown facts about modern video monitoring:

  1. In 2020, online video surveillance via the Internet is available to absolutely anyone. All you need is two ordinary smartphones, a mobile application and the system is ready for use. Do you have an Android phone? You can download it here, if an iOS one, then here.
  2. Internet video surveillance is used both for home and business: the protection of warehouses, catering establishments, retail outlets, housing co-ops, offices and office centers, construction sites and parking lots.
  3. The system is controlled remotely from anywhere in the world. The surveillance room is always in your pocket. Your smartphone that is.
  4. The system can scale depending on the goals. Also, it does not require the intervention of specialists for updating, installing, configuring.
  5. Cloud data storage relieves the user from responsibility of storing video recordings and has no limitations on storage capacity.

Instead of a conclusion

The easy-to-use smart Faceter system can replace security guards, managers and nanny. You can control your home, business and any facility directly from your smartphone. To do this, you need to connect both phones to the program, use one phone as a camera, and the other as a monitor to watch video. This is how modern video surveillance works via the Internet.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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