Video surveillance with recording: TOP-5 services.

Video surveillance with recording: TOP-5 services

Today, in mid-2020, cloud video surveillance with recording is a multifunctional tool that can be used everywhere: in business and in everyday life. At the same time, to become a user of a video monitoring system, you need a minimum of effort and money. In this article I will tell you about the best video monitoring services with recording, in terms of the optimal combination of selection criteria.

Applications of video surveillance with recording

Video surveillance camera with recording can be used on such facilities as:

  • house/apartment/summer cottage;
  • retail outlets and catering organizations;
  • construction sites, housing co-ops and entrances;
  • corporate offices, office centers;
  • warehouses and delivery areas.

Household goals of cloud video surveillance with recording:

  1. Ensuring the safety of material values.
  2. Control over the work and behavior of service personnel.
  3. Control over the behavior of family members who cannot be left unattended (children, elderly parents, sick people).
  4. Recording interesting videos about the behavior of pets.
  5. Remote control of meter readings.

Video surveillance business goals:

  1. Support for the general security system of facilities and ensuring the safety of material assets.
  2. Control of labor discipline.
  3. Conducting video analytics, and as a result, improving the quality of service.
  4. Remote presence of leadership.

At the same time, three factors are a significant advantage of all video surveillance services with recording:

  • service provider is responsible for keeping records;
  • provider also ensures continuous improvement of the service;
  • user receives software updates automatically and free of charge.

Service selection criteria

To compile the rating, we used:

  • customer reviews;
  • expert opinions;
  • number of technical requirements (connection speed, number of pixels, video compression capabilities, etc.);
  • ability to work using applications via PC and/or phone;
  • duration of the manufacturer’s warranty;
  • ability to integrate with different types of software;
  • ratio of the parameters “price-quality-usability”.

TOP-5 services

  1. Faceter
Setup Configuration Integration Price
It’s necessary to download a free mobile application, taking into account the operating system of the devices. The program is configured and updated automatically.

Does not require the intervention of specialists and additional software.

Seamlessly integrates with a variety of equipment, including regular mobile phones. Mobile tariff (2 days of archive storage) free.

Promotional mobile premium tariff (up to 7 days) free.

Basic tariff from 290 rubles/month

All rates are here.

 2.    IVideon

Setup Configuration Integration Price
Two software packages are required: Ivideon Server (for equipment that will act as a camera) and Ivideon Client (for devices operating in monitor mode).



It is necessary to connect IP cameras to a router and download a mobile application.



Works with its own cameras and integrates freely with equipment from other manufacturers (up to 98% of equipment).


Local license price from 1990 rubles.

Tariff plans from 200 rubles/month.

Third-party devices require connection via paid software.

 3.    YOULOOK

Setup Configuration Integration Price
Registration required on the website.

In the “My Cameras” tab, you need to set the Mac address of the camera used.


Surveillance is carried out using IP cameras, which can be purchased on the official website of the service.

Video streams are automatically transmitted and stored in the cloud.


Only works with cameras from specific manufacturers. The list is on the website. For two cameras the service is free.

3 or more cameras the tariff is 300 rubles/month.

 4.    IPEYE.

Setup Configuration              Integration Price
Subscription is required.

When using devices of their own production, you do not need a static IP address.

When installing third-party equipment, you must obtain a permanent IP address from your provider.


The system works via RTSP protocol.

Сameras are connected directly to your router.


It can function with their own cameras, and also easily integrates with equipment from other manufacturers. Tariff plans with recording from 3.3 rubles/month for one camera.

 5.    CamDrive

Setup        Configuration Integration                         Price
Registration is required.

Works through your personal account.

You need to connect an IP camera to the Internet.

The service will automatically configure it.

None Tariff plans from 250 rubles/month. Including registration discount.

CONCLUSIONS on choosing a surveillance service:

If you want to get inexpensive video surveillance with recording, choose the Faceter service. With a wide range of functions, including intelligent video analytics, Faceter is extremely easy to install and use.

Don’t want to buy expensive cameras for video monitoring with recording? Use two mobile phones + free Faceter software. Details in the article “Turning an old smartphone into a surveillance camera.”

In addition to multifunctionality, general availability and obvious cost savings, the Faceter service has a wide range of applications (from being a baby monitor to assisting in resolving controversial legal issues), and also has excellent user and expert reviews.


In 2020, a video surveillance camera with cloud recording is the optimal solution for home and business security. And often it is the variety of services that provide video control and surveillance that makes it difficult for users to choose. First of all, you need to pay attention to the functionality of the service, its integration capabilities and reputation. Professionals advise working with Faceter.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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