Video surveillance with video peepholes

Video surveillance with video peepholes

In modern times, everyone wants to control the situation and protect their home and family. Most people prefer video peepholes that connect to monitors. Such a system is installed on the door and is not much different from a standard door peephole. To better understand the device and understand its advantages, we will take a closer look at video peepholes, as well as explore the best models and alternative solutions.

Specifications and capabilities

Today, to find out about what’s happening outside of your door, you do not need to look through a small peephole that distorts the picture. It is enough to use a video device that will transfer the image in color to the selected screen.

Peepholes can be wired, in which case the monitor is mounted on the inside of the door at eye level, or wireless, transmitting the image to any screen at a radio signal distance (depending on the selected model). The latter option is most often equipped with additional motion sensors and the function of recording to a memory card. If using a wired device, you will need a stationary monitor, power supply, and wiring.

Video peephole installation requires knowledge in electrical engineering, so an ordinary handyman can also perform such work. But if you do not possess the necessary skills, then it is better to turn to specialists.

Advantages and disadvantages

Video surveillance with video peepholes has the following advantages:

  • invisibility of the camera;
  • ability to film in the dark;
  • round-the-clock recording of what is happening outside of your door;
  • ability to add the device to a video surveillance system;
  • wide assortment: from budget to professional models;
  • legal use;
  • wide viewing angle (specifics vary by model).

Disadvantages of video peephole cameras:

  • criminals can just glue up the camera;
  • installation of the device requires special knowledge;
  • system performs one function – surveillance. It does not have audio recording and visitor dialogue functions.

In general, video peepholes are an excellent budget solution that will allow you to prevent illegal actions of unauthorized persons.

Review of the best budget models

Below are reviews of the best budget video peepholes and alternative solutions, according to the ratings of 2019-2020. These models are actively bought, because they cover the basic need of customers – monitoring the situation outside the door.

  1. SITITECH B24. Price – 2900 rubles.

The model has a reinforced, vandal-proof casing and is capable of filming at night, turning on infrared illumination automatically.

The resulting image is transferred to a 2.4-inch screen in 640*480 format and saved on a 32 GB memory card.

  1. JMK JK-108S. Price – 3400 rubles.

The camera fits the dimensions of a regular peephole, which makes it easy to integrate into a wooden or metal door. The camera cannot film at night, it does not have its own monitor, but has a viewing angle of 150 degrees.

This model stands out on the market due to the image quality and color image transmission, as well as the settings for adjusting sharpness and contrast.

  1. PROLINE PR-VE108N. Price – 3500 rubles.

The device is easy to install due to the size and installation method according to the instructions, and also has a high image quality and viewing angle (180 degrees).

Also, the model is protected from temperature extremes, it is capable of operating in the range from -10 to + 60 degrees. This allows the PROLINE PR-VE108N to be used outside of apartments.

Alternative solution

We suggest using an alternative solution – cloud video surveillance from Faceter. We are talking about real-time video monitoring, where all recordings from cameras are stored on the server and available at any time via the Internet. The cloud system is reliably protected from hacking; only the owner with their personal key can access it.

If you are not familiar with video surveillance via the Internet, then you can learn more about this topic here: “Online video surveillance: everything you need to know.”

To use the system, you need a mobile application, internet access and equipment. For example, an IP camera and smartphone that will act as a monitor. Read about how to connect a smartphone to the system in our article: “4 steps of connecting a CCTV camera to your phone.”

Benefits of cloud video surveillance from Faceter:

  • shooting in real time;
  • remote access to recordings and cameras at any distance from the system;
  • intelligent video analytics: face recognition, compilation of black and white lists of visitors, notification of the owner about violation of established rules, etc;
  • all recordings are stored in the cloud for a set time;
  • cost of using the system includes a monthly payment for the Internet and selected tariff;
  • system can be scaled, transferred or reconfigured at any time without the involvement of specialists.

Entrust the security of your home to a multifunctional and smart video surveillance system that will not only record what is happening, but also keep you informed with instant notifications.


Video peepholes are a popular solution. They are easy to use and help keep your surroundings in check. Various options are presented to the consumer. But the main disadvantage of video peepholes is their single-tasking. Another disadvantage is the lack of scalability and integration with other devices. Therefore, we recommend taking a closer look at smart video surveillance in the form of the Faceter service, which can not only surveil, but also intelligently analyze the situation.

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