Wave research, oil spill + 3 special types of video surveillance

National parks exist to preserve nature, protect territories, and prevent animals killing. But in addition to these tasks, we can highlight the control of visitors, perimeter security, etc. This article will look at non-standard areas of cameras application and 5 types of video surveillance for them.

What is “Beyond Security”? 

“Beyond Security” means “more than just security”. This implies that video surveillance is used for all more than its usual purposes.

The system is tasked with the protection and control of territories. Moreover, systems can also be combined and made a global link for solving a whole range of practical tasks for national parks.

Study of waves

Artificial intelligence in surveillance cameras can help measure wave heights. Based on this information, scientists in eco-projects can predict storms and tsunamis.

Oil spill and response monitoring

The most dangerous accident that can cause fatal damage to nature and living organisms is an oil spill. 2021 demonstrated this perfectly.

Insufficient control of oil pipelines and transport carrying oil can lead to dire consequences. But thanks to an integrated approach to security and the introduction of various surveillance cameras with thermal imagers, they help strengthen security and protect nature in the event of an accident that has already occurred.

Videos in national parks

Animals and nature monitoring in national parks online is an example of the application of CCTV technology with remote operation.

Thanks to the broadcasts, everyone can get beautiful pictures and admire the nature of distant places.

Camcorders against fires

Forest fires are the most common disaster that is difficult to eliminate, and it destroys everything in its path. Early detection of fires requires thermal imagers, video analytics, PTZ cameras, radars, and a computing system.

Such a system aims to detect a fire in the early stages and send a signal to the security service and firefighters.

For more information on how video surveillance can help, read the article: “Video surveillance as a means of fighting fires.”

Thermal imager for monitoring heating systems

Another unobvious video surveillance application is the control of heating systems in large cities with dense buildings. Everything is organized with thermal imaging cameras attached to drones.

This method allows you to get a thermal picture of the networks in the shortest possible time and plan the repair and budget for this in advance.


We have listed 5 CCTV cameras where they can be used for non-standard tasks. Thanks to the extensive monitoring application with video analytics, conventional cameras help humanity, nature, and animals.

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