What is an IP PTZ camera? 6 reasons for popularity in 2021

What is an IP PTZ camera? 6 reasons for popularity in 2021

Mordor Intelligence claims that up to 2025, the video surveillance market will develop at around 10.35% per year. The Russian market segment is no exception. The most popular cameras in the Russian Federation are IP PTZ cameras. Let’s talk about how they gained their popularity in 2021.

What is a PTZ IP Camera?

PTZ camera is dynamic. It can shoot 360 ° panorama, tilt and enlarge the picture thanks to the optical zoom.

PTZ can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The camera is not afraid of precipitation, dirt, and temperature extremes as it uses protected enclosures. There are unique models with a built-in heater for extreme weather conditions.

Thus, a PTZ camera can be used in any climate zone, even in the Far North, mountains, or tundra.

Scope and Relevance

TZ cameras are used for the protection of extensive commercial facilities. Most often, these devices can be found at:

  • factories;
  • large parking lots;
  • sports stadiums;
  • warehouses;
  • museums;
  • nuclear power plants.

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PTZ IP cameras are available in a wide variety of models. To make it easier for you to navigate, we have created a convenient classification of equipment.

By form

  • For each buyer to find what he needs, there are several PTZ-type devices on the market:
  • swivel for indoor monitoring. The camera is mobile, protected from moisture and dust little but works excellent in the warm season;
  • “Speed ​​Dome” for outdoor control. All electronics are hidden in a sealed case, so the chance of failure tends to zero. The camera can operate at a significant temperature below zero;
  • “Sphere” for outdoor video surveillance. The device is equipped with additional infrared illumination and protected by a sturdy case. It works efficiently in areas with extreme temperatures.

By the principle of operation

By the principle of work, two types can be distinguished:

  • analog. Analog equipment is gradually leaving the market. The fact is that this technology is not capable of producing high-quality images at long distances and low resolutions;
  • digital IP camera. This is a modern technology with high resolution; digital data transmission allows you to create high-quality images without interference. 

Read more about IP devices in our article “IP camera market: drivers and main constraints  of 2020-2024.” If you have opted for a lightweight mobile video surveillance solution, the entire system can be connected and intelligently empowered with Faceter.

Six reasons for the IP PTZ popularity

As mentioned above, IP PTZ technology takes pride in place among systems used in large facilities. Why did it gain such popularity? Let’s figure it out:

  1. Remote control. The camera automatically tracks the zones, and the owner/operator can use the mobile app to control the tilt and zoom of the image.
  2. Configurable patrolling of territories. With the Tour function, the owner can show the camera the path and set the desired speed.
  3. Magnifier function. Through the application, you can enlarge small details without losing image quality.
  4. Saving. One dynamic camera with optical zoom and panoramic shooting can replace up to ten conventional cameras.
  5. Possibilities of the desired tilt. Remotely through the app, the owner can rotate the device to see the shooting details better.
  6. Large accessible shooting area. Cameras rotate, move, magnify small details and shoot great at long distances.


IP PTZ cameras are a breakthrough in the video monitoring niche. They are capable of replacing entire sets of equipment and delivering the highest possible quality. If you need more than just a camera but an intelligent device with video analytics, use the Faceter service.

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