Looking for a panoramic camera. 4 available variations

Looking for a panoramic camera. 4 available variations 

How to create a video surveillance system with a minimum number of cameras but get the maximum available (from 180 to 360 degrees) field of view? The answer is simple: you need a panoramic IP video camera. You can add intelligent software for collecting and analyzing a large amount of information (video analytics) and get a double benefit. Details are below.

Reducing the cost of the surveillance system

In our blog, there is a separate article describing in detail the pros and cons of panoramic equipment “Panoramic cameras. 6 advantages and four disadvantages”. Therefore, we will not dwell on this issue for a long time.

Briefly about savings: 1-2 360 panoramic cameras can replace several standard video surveillance systems, which significantly reduces maintenance costs. You can read about the seven rules of saving on service maintenance here.

 For installation, accordingly, you need only 1-2 cables + 1 software license. In addition to the apparent benefit, the fewer wires are, the less the risk of malfunction and interference is. Also, a small number of cables allows you to find problems reasons quickly.

In addition, the broad field of view does not burden the cloud storage system.

4 available variations

Their built-in functionality and their purpose distinguish panoramic cameras for video surveillance. 

With one sensor

Priority installation sites are small rooms, mainly corridors, lobbies, shops.

  • Benefits are:
  • small size and invisibility;
  • possibility of placement on horizontal and vertical surfaces;
  • 360-degree view and no blind spots;
  • built-in fisheye image transmission technology;
  • variety of filing material: 2 views of 180, rectangular, circular view.


A panoramic video camera with 3-4 sensors has its advantages:

  • coverage without “dead” zones, horizontally 180 degrees + vertically 90 degrees;
  • seamless image technology;
  • possibility of picture detailing;
  • observation capabilities at long distances and large objects;
  • minimal distortion;
  • one cable, 1 IP address, and 1 software license are required.

They are used on any objects.


This type of video equipment is characterized by the presence of several sensors that can “look” in different directions.

The goal is to get the coverage you need.

Coverage is up to 360 degrees with overlap capability.

Multi-directional + PTZ

Hybrid “multi-directional panoramic camera + panning PTZ” gives maximum coverage and a detailed view of any area.

Management is manual and automatic.

They are designed for video filming in real-time, in open areas, outside the city.

Instead of conclusion

Maximum coverage and total situational control, easy integration, and broad analytical capabilities, combined with economic benefits, are not a complete list of the advantages of PTZ cameras. Discover subsequent-generation video surveillance with Faceter intelligent video surveillance.

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