What is machine vision? 7 advantages of technology

What is machine vision? 7 advantages of technology

Machine vision, artificial intelligence, video analytics – they were all fantastic ideas a few decades ago. But today, “smart” cars are actively being introduced into our daily life. Technology helps in everyday life and simplifies human work. But not everyone has understood the possibilities of machine vision. We will talk about it in the article.

What is machine vision? Terminology and essence

Robotic vision is mainly aimed at industrial work managing algorithms for visual verification of the production process. The whole system works on the basis of the analysis of the received video data.

A machine vision video camera works as follows:

  • the camera captures what is happening around;
  • the software in the camera with artificial intelligence analyzes the information received;
  • based on the data, the mechanism solves the production problem without or with partial human participation.

Machine Eye Capabilities:

  • detection of deviations from the specified standard;
  • composition of the 3D image based on the resulting image in 2D;
  • production evaluation;
  • classification of images according to specified criteria;
  • video stream analysis.

A bit of history

Smart machines date back to 1955. Then “artificial intelligence pioneer” Oliver Selfridge wrote an article where he predicted our reality with personality identification algorithms.

Later in 1958, a computer model of how our brain perceives data was developed. This model served as the basis for the creation of the first neurocomputer.

In 1960, image analysis technology appeared. In 1970, a model for the machine creation of 3D objects was described. In 1979, the theory of moving image analysis was published.

The most vital impetus for the development of machine vision was in 2003. At that time the first FaceID feature was released.

And up today, the leading developers of the world of artificial intelligence continue to develop the technology.

What does the MV technology consist of?

The main element of machine vision is digital “smart” sensors with an optical image capture system installed in the device. Thanks to them, the computer can process and determine various details to make decisions.

7 advantages

Machine vision has become a must for large and advanced industries. It becomes impossible to control huge areas and thousands of pieces of equipment, excluding the human factor. Then machine vision comes to the rescue with advantages:

  • high accuracy incoming information checks;
  • increased level of productivity. What was previously performed systematically by a person is done several times faster and more accurately with the help of the system;
  • flexibility. The technology is easily reconfigurable;
  • reduction of equipment downtime due to timely response to problems;
  • strict control of production, excluding the human factor;
  • reduction in production costs due to a reduction in the percentage of rejects;
  • storage of video cameras recordings (video and audio) in archives.


Machine vision can optimize overall production and reduce many monthly costs without compromising the quality of work. Use modern technologies in business, and you will see a new round of development.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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