4 factors of video camera installation in checkout area from Faceter expert

Nowadays neither a big supermarket in the city nor a small village store can do without a video surveillance system. Installing a surveillance camera helps to solve situations concerning customers and employees. Surveillance cameras are located not only in the sales area but also in the cash area. Both the cashier and the buyer are under surveillance. There are special requirements for the quality of the monitoring process in the checkout aisle.   

The need for a camera in the cash register area

A video camera over the cash register carries a lot of important functions. This includes the monitoring of cash transactions.

Issues that video surveillance in the cash area helps to solve relate to intentional fraud, violation of corporate work standards, and accidental errors at work.

The fraud may include: the fictitious return of the paid goods, sale without forming a receipt, unreasonable adding items to the check, fraudulent issuance of change, etc.

The cashier working with the buyer can make an elementary mistake. Video surveillance will help to identify such errors: over sorting of goods, accidental double scanning, errors when conducting a discount on goods, the calculation of the buyer or the check without receiving payment, etc.

In addition to these tasks, video monitoring at the cash register will record the process of compliance with the standards of corporate ethics.

4 factors of installing a camera in the checkout area

Video surveillance in the cash area relies on 4 main parameters:

  1. Installation height, viewing angle. The camera’s view should include the cashier, the customer, and the merchandise. 
  2. Camera resolution. It should be able to see the denomination of bills. 
  3. Frame rate. The optimal variant is not less than 25 frames per second.
  4. Matrix. It fully depends on the quality of the material. 

Height of installation and viewing angle 

The optical characteristics of the video camera significantly affect the overall result of monitoring. Therefore, when installing the surveillance system, one of the main points is a competent choice of focus distance and viewing angle.    

The viewing angle shows the area covered by the surveillance. A wide viewing angle of more than 120 degrees means a small focus and no image detail. Such equipment is used on large objects and open areas.   

For cash registers with a small surveillance area and the need to view details, a thin window camera is suitable.


A camera with a low resolution can significantly spoil the obtained video. Usually, the best solution is a wide viewing angle, 2 meters distance from the camera to the cashier’s desk, and an 8 mp video camera.


Matrix for video surveillance shows in inches the actual size of the picture. The sensor forms the image on which the lens is focused and is the basis of the entire surveillance system.   

Today there are two types of matrix – analog and digital. The second option is more economical in terms of energy consumption, cost and at the same time larger in range. 

The vast majority of today’s matrices are digital. 

Recording frame rate

Watching the cashier at the cash register requires the ability to view their actions in detail. In addition one of the functions of video surveillance at the cash desk is to help in the investigation of fraud and theft by customers. 

Therefore the frame rate becomes a necessary parameter for the camera. The best option is to record with a frame rate of 25 frames per second or higher.   

How to connect the camera to the phone? 

A simple and effective solution for creating a video monitoring system is to connect the surveillance camera to the phone via a mobile app. This will allow you to be constantly aware of the situation at the surveillance site, whether it is home surveillance or surveillance at a large production facility. 

This option is so simple that the connection process takes no more than half an hour. At the same time, it saves money.    

Faceter cloud surveillance service meets all safety requirements and is easy to install and operate. Besides, Faceter offers a lot of useful, popular features of smart analytics.    

Topic conclusion

Faceter’s smart surveillance service gives you the ability to effectively combat losses at the checkout by staff or customers. Cloud-based in-store video surveillance with Faceter will improve the quality of customer service, analyze the necessary indicators for the business owner, and prevent possible theft and fraud. 

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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