5 reasons for the breakdown of the DVR. How to avoid problems?

5 reasons for the breakdown of the DVR. How to avoid problems?

The more complex the system, the greater the likelihood of a malfunction is. Therefore, analog video surveillance breaks down more often than cloud one because it has more components. A common problem is the breakdown of the DVR. In this article, we will explain why this happens and how to fix the problem.

Types of DVR breakdowns

According to statistics, there are five common reasons for the failure of the camcorder. You can find out detailed information about this device from our article “Recorder for video surveillance.

No downloading

If the recorder does not load and does not respond to your commands, then you should:

  • check the connection to the circuit;
  • if the voltage is present, the power button or hard drive may be broken.

If both the button and the connection are working, the breakdown cause may be hidden in an incorrect software update.

Does not recognize the hard drive

If your DVR does not see the hard drive, then the reason usually lies in the drive itself. You need to buy a new one or re-plug a flex cable, usually in 90% of cases, the second piece of advice helps.

No camera image

If the camera records, but the picture is not visible, then the reason may be:

  • unsuitable firmware;
  • weak signal;
  • voltage surges, due to which the signal is transmitted unstably;
  • incorrect system settings.

Color distortion

Suppose the colors of the picture are clearly transmitted with distortion. In that case, there may be two reasons: problems with monitor settings or its breakdown and signal transmission over long distances with loss of quality.

Deviations when viewing the archive

Distortion of the video file may occur due to poor recording quality or an error during playback.


A simple reboot of the system can solve the central part of the listed problems. If this does not help, it is better to call a specialist to check the equipment and repair it.

Do not forget about timely video surveillance maintenance. System preventive maintenance extends equipment life and saves budget.

You can also buy a new camcorder. But if you need to replace the device with a new one, it is better to switch to a modern cloud solution.

How to avoid problems 100%

Today, video surveillance with registrars is a thing of the past. The cloud system took its place. The storage of video surveillance data in the era of artificial intelligence has moved to a new level.

It is unnecessary to buy entire systems to store information; you can contact a cloud storage company. And rent part of the cloud platform from it.

This will help avoid many cybersecurity malfunctions and problems. And also, renting cloud storage will save the owner money because the price of a video surveillance recorder is much higher. Compare the cost of an advanced DVR versus the Faceter service plan.

Read more about the pros and cons of a cloud system here. The cloud is suitable for everyone: for home surveillance and business.


Registrars are giving way to cloud systems. Today, artificial intelligence and remote data storage with maximum protection are actively used in video surveillance. If your recorder is broken, think not about changing equipment but about changing the storage system.

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