6 situations in life when a video camera is simply necessary

We are used to the fact that there are surveillance cameras in public places, in trading facilities. The need for video surveillance has also become relevant for private life. Affordability, and wide functionality contribute to the spread of video monitoring among individuals. This article discusses when home surveillance becomes necessary.   

What is a video surveillance system? 

A video surveillance system is a combination of equipment and software for installation and maintenance of video recording, monitoring of an object, territory. The system includes a video camera, monitor, lens, DVR, etc.

Video surveillance is designed not only to ensure the safety of the object of observation, prevention, and investigation of crime, but also to monitor the activities of staff, and visitors, and collect analytical information.  

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6 situations in life when video surveillance is necessary

Technological progress makes video surveillance cheaper and better. Home surveillance is increasingly in demand among ordinary citizens. Video surveillance is already becoming a necessity in some family matters.     

When is it necessary to install video surveillance for the house inexpensively and functionally? Consider several life circumstances. 

You are the owner of a private home.

A private area, house, and valuable items attract potential criminals. Fences and locks do not always reliably prevent intruders from entering someone else’s territory.

The presence of surveillance cameras around the perimeter of the site and in the house allows the owner to be constantly aware of the situation in their absence. And it is possible to monitor the situation online, on the smartphone from anywhere.

In addition, smart surveillance will send a notification when there is a movement of unexpected intruders and the siren will scare them off. 

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You have small children

Whether you have small children or teenagers, supervision is still a necessity. Can’t be around all the time? An AI camera can keep an eye on your kids. It allows you to monitor your child’s actions and communicate with him or her via two-way audio. The camera has a useful motion and sound sensor function.  

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There are elderly relatives.

Our parents are not getting any younger, often living far away from us. Can we stop worrying unreasonably about their health and general condition?

A surveillance camera will come in handy for anxious relatives. An intelligent video surveillance system in case of strange noises, and movements will send a message on the phone to the relatives to respond.  

Two-way audio communication will also help keep your elderly relatives informed or help with small things. In essence, it is a video baby monitor for adults and children. 

Need to secure the summer cottage/garage

The summer cottage and the garage may stay without our presence for a long time. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who want to use other people’s property. Without a surveillance camera installed in these areas, you can not respond quickly to the fact of an attack on the property and not only.      

For example, the video monitoring system at the summer cottage will quickly inform you about the fact of natural disasters: flooding, fire, and cyclones raging. Notification of the adverse situation comes to your smartphone.

You have a pet.

Our pets are often left home alone. Their behavior can be unpredictable: from suffering and stealing food on the table to spoiling furniture and conflicts with neighbors.  

Again, a smart surveillance camera comes to the rescue. Not only will you be able to see how your pet behaves while you’re away, but you can talk to it via audio communication. And you’ll always have your pet’s funny moments recorded.   

You often lose things

A home surveillance camera will help in the constant search for lost things at home. Video recording will speed up and improve the search process. Just rewind the archive to the exact moment you were looking for, and the item’s whereabouts will be found.      

The easiest and cheapest surveillance option 

Are you thinking about installing functional video surveillance for your private home? The price can be affordable, low-budget or even zero. This is possible with Faceter. All you need for installation is two smartphones. It will take time to download the application and configure the settings. Do you want to cope in half an hour? Yes, it is quite possible.

Faceter cloud surveillance is always at your fingertips. And you’re always aware of the situation at the site of surveillance, no matter how far you are from it. The archive of video files is only available to the owner. 

The official Faceter website is https://faceter.cam/ru. 


A home video surveillance system makes it much easier for us to ensure the safety of relatives, pets, and property. It allows people to be calm when they are not at home and remain aware of home events. Accordingly, there is an opportunity to respond promptly at any time to a dangerous situation at the monitored object.  

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