Boycott and sabotage of facial recognition systems. World developments

Boycott and sabotage of facial recognition systems. World developments

The face identification system burst into our lives and scared a lot of people. Some citizens began to deliberately deceive the technology to preserve the secrecy of their data. Now we will talk about the most common types of sabotage and their causes. 

Why is identification being sabotaged? 

Most people are opposed to face recognition only because of their ignorance and fears. Here are the main ones:

  • fear of over-control;
  • fear of change;
  • fear of a new, something completely incomprehensible and unfamiliar;
  • uncertainty about their need. For example, when the system is installed in offices to monitor the effectiveness of employees4
  • the staff may be afraid that the management will see all the mistakes or think that the person is performing poorly.

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According to the laws of the Russian Federation

In some countries, you cannot appear on the street with your face covered. But in Russia, so far, there are no such global bans, although one should expect an increase in legislative restrictions. This is because recognition systems are developing and are increasingly being introduced into our daily lives.

At the moment, in our country, only the participants of the rallies cannot be covered or made unrecognizable.

About facial recognition 

In 2020, all of humanity covered their faces with medical masks. Hence the immediate question: can personal protective equipment sabotage the system?

Identity identification works by analyzing only 50-60% of the face. And the mask does not interfere in any way with recognizing masked faces and reading biometrics. However, additional decorations and accessories can cause the system to go wrong. Read more about this in our article: “Practice of face recognition in masks. Does it work or not?

World development

How to cheat the face recognition system, not only individual citizens come up with. For example, within the “Computer Vision Dazzle Camouflage” project framework, an individual “camouflage” make-up was invented, which completely disorients identification algorithms. But this coloring looks very stylish and unusual.

Japan also did not bypass the IT-technology boycott. Information specialists were able to make glasses with built-in LEDs. These bulbs eliminate algorithms by almost 80%. And today, the idea continues to evolve; similar LEDs are inserted into hats. 


If you are faced with the sabotage of the implemented personality recognition system, you do not need to perceive people’s reactions aggressively. Distrust of innovation is built on fear. Explain that the system will bring more benefits than disadvantages. Well, and most importantly, do not deceive the system yourself. It works for your public safety.

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Alexander Weber

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