Choosing the best camera for number plate recognition in 2021

Number plate recognition cameras are needed to maintain safety on roads, parking lots and improve the service of transport organizations. However, the rapid development complicates the choice. In this article, you will find out which camcorder is best for you.

What does the recognition of vehicle number plates give?

Number plate recognition is used to capture the number plates of the flow of vehicles and offenders. It allows you to secure the territory, reduce personnel costs, and also eliminate the human factor.

“Smart video surveillance” can control:

  • the infrastructure of the “Safe City“;
  • the flow of cars entering the protected and private territory;
  • parking spaces order and the stay time of vehicles for a more accurate calculation of payment;
  • fixing the car’s pastime on the territory;
  • access control and registration of vehicles. The neural network creates “white” and “black” visitors’ lists and notifies if an unfriendly guest appears.

Advanced video analytics can turn a camera into a full-fledged employee who works seven days a week and objectively assesses the situation. Read detailed information in the article “Intelligent video analytics: advantages, principles, objectives.

For example, the Faceter cloud service is video surveillance with advanced computer vision functions which is capable of many things:

  • indefinite cloud storage of video recordings and data protection by encryption;
  • connection to any cameras, including a phone;
  • monitoring what is happening in real-time;
  • instant notifications about important events;
  • recognition of faces, number plates, a compilation of “white” and “black” lists of visitors, and other analytic functions.

By connecting to the Faceter service, you do not need to buy expensive and massive video surveillance systems consisting of various equipment and additional accessories.

To organize round-the-clock monitoring, it is enough to pay monthly for the Internet, the selected tariff plan, and buy the required number of IP cameras once.

Basic parameters of a good camera

A camera for number plates recognition should produce a high-quality, clear image. The detail of the picture in motion is essential. A rare model of a video camera will be able to control what is happening and, at the same time, read the numbers. Typically, one device cannot perform these two functions at the same time.

Saving will not lead to anything either. Only highly targeted equipment and software are capable of analyzing number plates.

Optimal resolution

A low resolution will give a low-quality image and a high probability of error, while a high resolution can overload the server.

High pixel density results in low light sensitivity. Consequently, it is almost impossible to obtain an optimal level of number plate recognition in low light and dark conditions.

PRACTICAL ADVICE: at a distance of 4 meters from the car to the video camera, a resolution of 1280×720 (or 2 MP) will be sufficient.

In this case, the best option must be selected individually, based on the area of ​​observation.

Additionally, read the article “How to choose an outdoor long-range video camera?”

Decent optics

  • Optics are responsible for the sharpness of the image and adjust its level depending on the lighting and weather. Several factors are essential when choosing a lens:
  • viewing angle. Cameras should shoot without blind spots. The viewing angle is selected individually depending on the area of ​​observation;
  • focus. It is responsible for additional illumination of the matrix; that is, it maintains good visibility in the dark;
  • photosensitivity. The higher its level, the better the pictures will be in the dark;
  • the presence of infrared illumination. The best option is a radiation-corrected lens. This will provide you with sharp, 24/7 video footage.

Additional criteria

The quality of video surveillance can be enhanced by considering the following factors when choosing equipment:

  • a number of frames per second. The shooting speed affects how many times the numbers will be read during the vehicle’s passage;
  • shutter adjustment. It  allows you to adjust the shutter speed so that the number plate is captured clearly, and not blurred in the movement of the car;
  • data compression. It allows you to get a high-quality image of numbers without overloading the server.


Recognition of car number plates by a video camera will automate some of the business processes. The equipment will record violations and notify in case of abnormal events, eliminate the human factor and help reduce the cost of the security organization. “Smart video surveillance” will protect the business and transport infrastructure of the city around the clock.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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