Double demand for video surveillance: Russians are buying up video cameras

Russians have started to use video surveillance more and more often. If we compare the request for video surveillance over the past two years, the demand has grown significantly. According to news portal TelecomDaily, in Russia there were 13.5 million surveillance cameras in 2020 and the third place in the world. 2021 brought growth to 16 million and the second place in terms of growth rate. The forecast of experts is that in 2022 there will already be 21 mln cameras in the Russian Federation. What is the reason? When there is a demand, who to contact for an offer? The answers are in the article.

Reasons for increased demand

What is the reason for such a jump in demand? What are the Russians afraid of? 

There are several reasons for the fears of citizens. Mainly it is a fear of rampant shoplifting in retail outlets and home burglary. The fear is connected with uncertainty in the economy of the country, growth of prices for food and in general with the fear of possible worsening of the criminal situation in the country. 

Then there is the fear of rising prices of surveillance equipment due to the instability of currency exchange rates and the approaching summer season. Let us analyze the reasons in more detail. 

Economic uncertainty 

Rising prices on essential goods and on everything, in general, provokes uncertainty in the future for the citizens. The temptation to steal in stores, warehouses, and market stalls is growing. This applies to both sellers and buyers. 

Therefore, the relevance of having a quality video surveillance system for businesses of any size is undeniable. In addition, the existing monitoring system will need supplementary intelligent video surveillance.  

Ruble devaluation and price increase

The unstable ruble exchange rate, the usual confidence in the growth of the dollar exchange rate, and rising prices (sometimes unreasonable) lead to a necessity of looking for new ways to invest. In this case, the purchase of video surveillance becomes something that used to be put off, as not an urgent purchase.


Another impending global crisis is likely to provoke a spike in crime and delinquency. There is a need for additional security at home, business premises, and places of social gathering.

In addition, it is necessary to strengthen control in public places: in the streets, courtyards, in entrances. This is a concern of state, municipal structures, and tenants or service companies.

The onset of the summer season 

The development of mobile Internet as well as the availability of video surveillance functions to any budget allowed summer residents to take advantage of all the possibilities of video monitoring.

Any property owner in their long absence wants to be constantly aware of what is going on in their apartment, a cottage, or a garage.  Video from surveillance cameras online is a wonderful assistant in such a desire. 

The surveillance video camera can be an old smartphone, and the surveillance software is simply downloaded by an application on the gadget (IOS or Android), which is always at hand. Agree, that it is impractical not to use such a video monitoring system in an apartment or a country cottage.


Faceter cloud video surveillance solves many issues of installation difficulties, control, and expensive equipment. New technologies and features make video surveillance easy and convenient for an average user. 

A personal account and Internet access allow you to watch what is happening online from anywhere in the world. Flexible settings, automatic updates, and convenient installation actively attract new customers.   


Remote surveillance and cloud-based secure archive storage service are actively replacing analog video monitoring equipment. The advantages of the former are obvious and undeniable. Working with one of the market leaders in video surveillance Faceter allows you to be confident in safety, prevention of offenses, and timely response to dangerous situations (fire, robbery, natural disaster).

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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