Video surveillance in the trading floor: legal field + 3 pluses for business

No trade organization can do without the use of a video surveillance system. A hidden camera on the trading floor has become a practical guarantee of ensuring the safety of activities, the safety of inventory, objective consideration of conflicts with visitors and staff. In addition to security, video monitoring allows you to collect information for marketing purposes. And this, in turn, helps in business promotion.     

Letter of the law.

How legal is it to install video surveillance in Russia? There is no separate legal act that would give answers to all questions on video surveillance in retail outlets, at work, in public places, etc.  

Today the guidelines are the norms of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and several Codes: Civil, Administrative, Criminal, Labor, and the Code of Administrative Procedure.

Nevertheless, video surveillance systems are obligatory for installation in a number of public places and organizations in order to prevent the threat of terrorist acts and other criminal activities.

And yet there is a list of places where it is forbidden to install hidden cameras for employees or visitors.  

Warning Notice

Taking photos or videos without warning or coordination with an employee or a customer infringes on the right to privacy, honor, and dignity of a citizen. 

How, in such a case, to comply with people’s security standards and people’s rights to privacy? The issue is resolved by a sign warning of video recording. This is a prerequisite for the legality of video surveillance. 

Warning signs should be placed separately from advertising posters and posters. The notice of surveillance is required to be placed in front of the entrance to the protected area. The sign with the announcement must remain within sight at all times of day and night.    

What is covert surveillance in the sales area?

As mentioned earlier, video surveillance on the sales floor, as well as in other public places or a workplace, must be marked with a warning sign.

CCTV cameras can only be used by law enforcement officials, organizations, and persons who have received special licenses. 

The use of any CCTV cameras in changing rooms and toilets is prohibited.

If you do try to use hidden camera footage, for example, in court, there is a risk of falling under criminal penalties for illegal video recording.  

Trade, the use of equipment for hidden video recording threatens with a heavy fine, imprisonment, or forced labor. Compensation for damages and removal of hidden equipment? Yes, of course.

3 pluses for businesses

Any business needs control. Employees and visitors need to be monitored as well. Artificial intelligence in video monitoring allows collecting data for marketing analysis of business processes and adjusting further work.

Cameras make it possible to identify major violations that cause financial losses. The ability to record and largely prevent such events becomes a big advantage in the use of video surveillance.      

Let us define three main violations, which video surveillance camera helps to detect:

  • Theft. It is relevant for supermarkets, stores, and any commercial premises.
  • Monitoring the presence of an employee in the workplace. Not all people are conscientious about their work. Presence monitoring helps identify violators of labor discipline.
  • Monitoring of quality of service. Employees sometimes allow rude conversations with customers or failure to comply with corporate standards of service. This in turn does not have the best effect on the overall image of the company and reduces the flow of clients. 

The need for video surveillance for business can hardly be overestimated. Statistics show a 70% reduction in the number of crimes committed as a result of the installation of simple video surveillance cameras. 

Faceter for trade

Video surveillance is actively used by businesses. Trading activity can no longer do without it. Video monitoring in trade can significantly reduce financial losses from unscrupulous customers or employees and improve the quality of service.   

Faceter cloud-based wireless service with smart analytics is a great helper for any businessman. It is now possible to set up video surveillance via Faceter’s common mobile app.  


Owners of retail outlets have long used video surveillance cameras to combat and prevent theft on the sales floor and workplaces. 

Yes, installing video equipment is not an easy process. You need to take into account all the nuances and norms of the law. Faceter will be a lifesaver for the retail industry. And the affordability of intellectual security will pleasantly surprise any small business owner. 

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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