Export of video recording archives. 4 types of goals + opportunities

Export  of video recording archives. 4 types of goals + opportunities

Along with cloud video surveillance, online broadcasts using IP cameras and video archives began to develop. Real-time data transmission has become popular in football, surgery, business, and marketing. Anything can be broadcasted. We will tell you how to organize a stream in this article.

Sources of the broadcast stream

The source can be any device that records:

  • phone camera;
  • media servers;
  • IP and webcams;
  • network streamers.

As a receiver of information (monitor), you can use PCs, smartphones, tablets, and any other equipment capable of video playback.

If the user wants to broadcast the stream to his website or social networks, one first need to choose one of 2 methods of display organization.

From hard disk or DVR

If your video surveillance archive is located in the DVR, you can configure online broadcasting directly. The system will work as follows:

  • the video stream from the camera goes first to the recorder and is recorded on the hard disk;
  • then, you can export a file section or the entire recording using a relevant program.

Follow the link to see a comparison of the pros and cons of AHD (TVI, CVI) and network IP video surveillance systems.

From a cloud service

If you use the cloud, you can download the recordings of video surveillance archives directly from your account. To do it:

  • find the video you want in the storage;
  • click on the “export” button, and you can download either a segment or a full video;
  • go to the export section and download the recording to your device.

The full download will take as long as the internet connection.

Why is archive export required?

It is imperative to keep CCTV archives if you are filming. After all, not only online control is required, but also the subsequent viewing of files for:


Exporting video files helps in different situations, and online broadcasts to your Internet resources increase the loyalty and engagement of the audience, as well as increase their trust. Don’t be afraid to make the video stream open; this is a 21st-century surveillance trend.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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