Gender, age recognition + unique customer account

Gender, age recognition + unique customer account

Marketing success in business is 80% dependent on understanding your client. If earlier the sensor carried out the counting of visitors who passed it, today technologies allow you to know your client by sight. Biometric readers recognize the gender and age of the audience, making it easier and better for the marketing department. How does this happen? Details are presented further.

Valuable information for marketers

While Asia and Western countries are using 100% face recognition as a powerful business tool, Russia has only begun to look in this direction.

The experience and results of foreign business people and marketers show that it is impossible to hesitate. Face ID allows you to understand and segment the portrait of the target audience accurately. The description of the client as “a man of 40 years old” is already outdated.

Today, more in-depth analyzes of needs, desired benefits, pains, and leverage on the client are popular. By introducing intelligent video surveillance to your business, you can:

  • more accurately customize and create advertising campaigns;
  • know the type of audience, its needs and modernize your offer to increase sales and profits using this information;
  • introduce additional products into the company’s turnover that will further meet the target audience’s needs.

Thus, facial recognition can give a business a powerful impetus for development. Read more about the capabilities of the technology in the article “TOP 7 facial recognition functions in 2021“.

Determination of gender and age of visitors

Pending on the age and gender of visitors we vary:

  • the business proposal itself and its wording;
  • assortment and cost of goods;
  • selling methods.

To improve your offer and thus bring in new potential customers, you need an age and gender recognition system. But choose the available options not to hit the budget with this innovation.

The service from Faceter is a “smart” cloud video surveillance with analytics that can:

  • count the number of unique, recurring, and new visitors;
  • classify guests by age and gender, make accurate lists;
  • notify the owner of the observation point if the desired trigger is found;
  • quickly search for faces in compiled lists.

Additional Business Features from Faceter

The company has taken into account all possible wishes of entrepreneurs in need of “smart” supervision. Therefore, the service will also help with:

  • control of the presence of employees at the workplace;
  • quality of service checks;
  • security in the office or store.

By choosing Faceter, you save on security staff and managers and exclude the human factor from controlling the company’s work.

Unique visitors count

A unique visitor is a non-recurring client with unique characteristics recorded by a camera within a certain period of time.

Counting this audience segment leads to essential marketing insights. This function is elementary for the Faceter service. Video surveillance has ears, eyes, and intelligence that recognizes visitors up to 98%.

You can read more about customers’ counting in this article.

Recognition in masks. All the truth

During a pandemic, it is necessary to wear masks that cover almost the entire face, leaving only the eyes for the cameras. Therefore, the question arises about the effectiveness of the Face ID system.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, masks do not affect the effectiveness of the technology. Only 50% of an open face is enough to identify a person.

Is it so? More information about mask face recognition is here.

There is also the other side of the benefit: the option of intelligent equipment helps to identify violators of sanitary rules (lack of personal protective equipment, handshake).

Interesting world practice

Personal identification is used for more than just recognition. Its capabilities are multifaceted and help in various activities. For example,

  • in China, cameras were installed in schools to monitor the type of student activity in the classroom: reading, writing, sleeping, having a raised hand;
  • our Russian company Tele2 sells SIM cards through face recognition terminals;
  • cinemas install video surveillance to understand the age and gender of the audience.


Russia is gradually starting to use IT technologies for business development. During the formation of the market, it is essential to approach an intelligent assistant’s choice correctly. Cloud video service Faceter will look after the business for $2.99 per month.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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