Home Security Testing Instructions

Home Security Testing Instructions

Производители  охранных устройств дают гарантию на всю продукция 1-5 лет (кроме монтажных, расходных и кабельных материалов), акцентируя внимание потребителей в надежности приборов. Несмотря на подобные заявления, нельзя забывать слова У. Шекспира «ничто не вечно под луной, как в свете ничего не длится вечно». Работоспособность системы безопасности необходимо регулярно проверять. Поговорим о том, как устроить тест для домашней системы безопасности.

Testing frequency

The best option would be to perform work on testing security systems (video surveillance and security and fire alarms) by a specialized organization with a frequency of 1 time per month or quarter.

It is necessary to support the smooth operation of the complex, ensuring the protection of the house and households.

What should be done before starting the test?

For a comfortable test, you need to:

  • warn family members;
  • warn neighbours (especially if audible alarm proof tests are going on). However, it is impossible to name a specific date for testing to avoid leaking information to cybercriminals;
  • make sure that there are no real threats in the house (penetration, fire).

What should be checked?

Russian statistics say that 3 out of 5 deaths due to fire occur at those facilities where the fire system is not installed or is faulty. Therefore:

  1. You need to check smoke detectors and alarm loudspeakers:
  • check and test batteries with a tester;
  • inspect visually and assess fire detectors for the device serviceable life (the permissible application time is ten years, the information is indicated on the back cover of the device);
  • conduct an audible test of alarm loudspeakers;
  • count and analyze the presence of speakers (in rooms, corridors);
  • test the continuity of communication with security structures;
  • test the continuity of notifications to the mobile devices of the system owners.
  1. It is necessary to check the video surveillance system:

Unscheduled checks

When to conduct unscheduled security checks:

  • after changing your internet provider or after making changes to your internet connection;
  • after work on the maintenance of communications at home;
  • after the end of construction and repair work in the apartment/house and land plot;
  • after a reshuffling of service personnel, including the dismissal of workers with access to housing and new employees’ hiring.

Why is this needed?

Accidental or intentional facts of interference in the operation of the security system by third parties are possible:

  • The viewing angle of the video camera gets lost.
  • The integrity of the system is violated.
  • The sensors are damaged.

If we are talking about hiring and firing service personnel, you need to protect the house from leaking information and deliberate changes in the security system settings. Read about how to protect a “smart home” from possible cyberattacks in this article.

6 important tips for home security owners

To protect your home as much as possible, follow the recommendations of the experts:

  1. Don’t ignore the security design process.
  2. Work with professionals.
  3. Do not buy Noname equipment on Chinese sites (Aliexpress and others) without warranty and service. There is a reasoned publication about this in our blog.
  4. Perform regular maintenance and testing of security systems.
  5. Use a modern cloud storage method.
  6. Follow the news and trends of the security market. Even CCTV systems that are regularly tested can become obsolete.


The home’s safety and the peace of mind of family members are in our hands 100%.  We cannot be at home all the time. The cloud video surveillance service Faceter and the security with fire alarm systems successfully cope with this task. Subject to regular tests and inspections, the security system will perform its functions without interruption.

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