How long are CCTV recordings stored? 5 time factors

CCTV recordings may be needed to resolve disputes or as information for investigations. The archive of the recording is kept in a specific location for a period of time. How long are CCTV recordings stored, what surveillance features do you have, and why do you need an archive? The above-mentioned questions will be answered in this article.

Why keep records? 

The shelf life of video surveillance recordings and the very need to store video recordings are due to several reasons:

  • the requirements of Russian legislation;
  • the requirements of the specific industry of economic activity (including self-employment);
  • the likely need to use the video material for the investigation of an offense or a crime.  

Therefore, the correct setting of time on the surveillance camera is not an idle question. It should be considered responsibly.   

5 time factors

Factors influencing the storage time of video recordings are various. Let us define the top 5 factors:

  1. The need to obtain the time recordings for law enforcement during an investigation
  2. The organization’s internal security rules, including integration with ACS
  3. The volume of the hard drive, the amount of memory, the type of recording, and the number of cameras affect the memory fill.
  4. Location of the video camera (entrance, street, or workplace).
  5. Provisions of the legislation of the Russian Federation, including anti-terrorist requirements.

Requirement of legislation.

A little bit about the legislation. Where is the law of the Russian Federation on mandatory video surveillance, the purpose, and the storage period of the archive?

The Government adopted the resolution № 272 of 25.03.2015, which approved the requirements for protection from terrorism in places of mass gathering of people. It also stipulates the objects that are subject to protection by the National Guard of Russia. 

The Resolution amends and supplements previous similar legislative acts.

According to resolution № 272, all public places must be equipped with surveillance systems (article 23). Video surveillance must be continuous throughout the entire territory. The archive of video material must be kept for 30 days (article 30).   

Industry Need.

How long does a business or an individual entrepreneur keep surveillance recordings? The purposes of surveillance in business are varied. They are the following: the security of customers, solving disputes between an employee and a visitor, detecting violations of labor discipline or theft among staff. 

Most often, surveillance functions are used for business development in the form of marketing research. In such a case the entrepreneur decides for himself how long the video information is to be stored. Here, the optimal solution is to use a cloud video surveillance service.        

Capabilities of surveillance devices and systems

Time setting in modern cameras and surveillance systems is individual. Analog equipment requires a cable and video recorder. Standalone WI-FI cameras set the time stamp via the Internet. 

The most advanced technology today is cloud surveillance. Emphasis is placed on the cloud method of video recordings storing. The archive is on a remote server, and only the owner has access to it. And access is possible at any time and from anywhere in the world. No additional hardware is needed here.

Advantage of cloud storage

Demand for video surveillance cameras with cloud recording is increasingly growing on the market.

In addition to simplicity and cost-effectiveness, the main advantage of cloud storage is the automatic setup. A long list of available features, including time, are set up independently when the equipment is connected to the service.

The cloud is also automatically updated with the release of new versions of cyber security. Therefore, hacking and video leakage are impossible. 

The cloud service is used not only for business but also for home surveillance. 

Faceter Rates

Faceter cloud service with a professional level of security is affordable for customers of all income levels and has a lot of features. The installation of the system takes 15-20 minutes. 

Here are just some of the benefits of working with Faceter:

  1. Archive storage is secure, there is no risk of leaking material. Your provider is responsible for it. 
  2. Installation, setup, and operation are simple and intuitive. System updates are automatic.
  3. Cloud surveillance can be used both on a large object and a small private one (summer cottage, garage).

Faceter has cloud surveillance with the tariff even for 0 rubles. 


Cloud storage remains the most beneficial solution for video surveillance. Faceter company has a wide range of features for the most demanding user. And the financial side of the service will pleasantly surprise anyone. 

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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