Faceter organization of video surveillance. 10 main options for free.

The question of the need for cloud surveillance is becoming a question of current interest to Russians. Until recently, the users of surveillance services were mostly government agencies and large businessmen. Now, by virtue of the general availability, affordability, and expanding functionality, average citizens of the country have started to use the possibilities of video monitoring as well. In this article, let’s discuss what the main advantages of Faceter video surveillance are and why they are free.

Faceter cloud service – availability and versatility.

So what are the advantages of Faceter cloud surveillance service for average users?

Firstly, it is secure video archive storage. Storing data in a cloud service eliminates the risk of destruction or leakage of information. The archive is always available for viewing and downloading, and the service provider is responsible for saving it. 

Second,  it’s the simplicity of the service. Installation is accessible and fast. It’s easy to use and all system updates are performed automatically. You don’t need a technical background to deal with smart video surveillance. 

Third, it’s both for business and for home. Cloud surveillance for free and remotely can be used both by large or small businesses and individuals at home, in the country house or on the playground.

And finally, it’s also cost-effective. You don’t need guards anymore, you can watch the archive or online recording from anywhere in the world, you don’t need to buy special equipment, and you can collect analytical data for business during surveillance.

Equipment requirements

To use your phone as a surveillance camera, check that it meets these requirements for effective recording:

  1. A camera for long-range surveillance needs a zoom and resolution of 5 megapixels or higher.  
  2. For surveillance at home, you need a camera from 1.3 megapixels.
  3. You need an operating system for iOS 10 or higher, and for Android 5 or higher.
  4. The phone must be in stable working condition: clear camera operation, stable Internet, constantly charged battery.

Only following these simple rules of operation will ensure the quality of video recording.  

10 main options for free.

Consumers of cloud video surveillance get a lot of opportunities in providing security and solving a variety of issues.   

Let’s take a look at the main opportunities for businesses and an average user.

Home video surveillance will allow:

  1. Keep an eye on the behavior of children, elderly or sick relatives, and animals.
  2. Watch the situation at home and in the yard.
  3. Monitor the staff work in your absence. 
  4. View sensor readings. 

As for business opportunities:

  1. Monitoring the work process in the office, in production, and in the store.
  2. Providing object security both separately and in complex.
  3. Gathering a wide range of data for market research on business development and improvement. 
  4. Integration with ACS, access control, and management system. 
  5. Face and license plate recognition, blacklisting, and whitelisting.
  6. Rapid response to non-standard situations: smoke, fire, sound. This in turn greatly increases the factor of life safety. 

Tariffs for cloud surveillance start from 0 rubles.  

4 principles of organizing a Faceter system

It is possible to organize a paid or free cloud surveillance service using 4 basic principles:

  1. Define the purpose of video surveillance: store, office, production, cottage, garage, monitoring of children or home staff.
  2. Decide on the amount of money you are willing to spend on the service.  
  3. Choose proven and reliable. We talked about the advantages of working with Faceter above in the article. Any user will be able to afford the basic tariff at a price of 0 rubles.
  4. Choose the type of video archive storage: standard or cloud.


Rising prices for imported equipment, software, and other factors do not always contribute to the affordability of surveillance services for the average consumer. Faceter cam has become a practical alternative with great functionality and a long list of benefits for the user. The easy-to-use cloud-based Faceter format video surveillance is in high demand by businesses and the private sector.   

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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