How to delete CCTV recording: 2 ways + features of Faceter

One of the functions of a video surveillance system is to ensure the safety of people and the security of property. CCTV cameras perfectly cope with these tasks. And above all, they allow you to prevent offenses. Over time, the material accumulates. There is a need to make room for new recordings. How to delete a video surveillance recording? This will be discussed in this article.

Reasons for deletion

The reasons for clearing the surveillance video archive are varied:

  1. Deleted surveillance video recording makes room for new material when the volume of media is overloaded.
  2. The file is damaged, corrupted, or poor camera installation has resulted in the useless video.  
  3. The previously recorded files are no longer needed.
  4. There is a risk of video surveillance hacking. 

The last point is the most important and requires special attention. Reasons for hacking video surveillance are varied, from trivial pranks to blackmail and financial theft. Deletion of video recordings in this case will allow to some extent to be calm about the fate of some records. But you have to keep this in mind at all times and take appropriate action.

Moving on to practice. 2 ways to delete

Before you delete your surveillance recordings, revisit them one more time. Consider whether law enforcement officers might need them when investigating an offense. If you are sure of the contrary, feel free to delete the unnecessary material.

How to delete CCTV recordings?

There are cameras in which the new recording is automatically superimposed on the oldest one and there is no need to carry out a separate deletion of old files. Otherwise, the video material will have to be manually deleted from the local storage or the cloud archive.

From the local server

The videos in the local storage are in a folder of the computer or the recorder. Usually, it is one folder where old and new files are sent. Once you get to the folder, you can delete the entire folder or selectively individual files.

The settings will erase the oldest files first and then to new files. 

From the cloud.

Cloud storage of data is the most secure and limitless way to save an archive. At least for the reason that the archive is not in danger of physical damage or destruction by an intruder. Even if the camera is stolen or destroyed, all recordings will remain in the cloud.  

You can delete unnecessary files from the cloud storage in the personal area of the application. Only an authorized user with management rights has personal access to the archive. Only the owner of the video can partially or completely delete the recording.

Features of Faceter

Today, the video surveillance market is actively using the services of the proven provider Faceter. The Faceter cloud video surveillance service is not only multifunctional but also gives the user confidence in the safety of video files storage. All system updates are automatic.

Read the article “Cloud video surveillance for your business: install in 3 steps” if you need video surveillance for business purposes. 

The provider is responsible for storing the data, and only the owner can view the material. An outsider has no single way to access the archive. 

Cloud storage is limited in time. You can choose the period yourself, depending on your needs. Faceter cloud video surveillance tariffs allow you to choose the best option for everyone. There is also a free rate.


The use of modern technologies makes it possible to transfer more and more human worries on the “shoulders” of artificial intelligence and smart video surveillance. Cloud storage today remains the safest, easiest, and inexpensive service in terms of cost and maintenance. Cooperation with Faceter specialists allows you to entrust all concerns regarding the video surveillance system to professionals and be absolutely safe in this matter.   

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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