How to ensure safety at a gas station in 3 easy steps

How to ensure safety at a gas station in 3 easy steps

Not every driver knows that even at a small gas station there are at least 15-20 CCTV cameras. Constant monitoring is necessary for the implementation of work processes, remote control from the central office, as well as to ensure the physical security of staff and customers. Today we’ll talk about how you can create the safest space at a gas station in a few simple steps.

Typical tasks of video surveillance at gas stations

Gas station safety must be solid. However, the format of work (around the clock, abundance of inventory, cash and lack of security) make a gas station a target for criminals. Up to 40% of fuel station losses come from employees: petty theft, fraud, fuel drain.

Based on all the factors affecting the profit and safety of gas stations, typical video surveillance tasks can be divided into three large groups:

  1. Implementation of labor processes:
  • receiving information from a camera about refueling cars;
  • work with the cash register;
  • video control of the trading floor and cafeteria.
  1. Remote work of an observer (from the central office) through a special dedicated channel:
  1. Registration and security:
  • overview of the territory;
  • protection of reservoirs;
  • compliance with safety regulations;
  • registration of vehicles with contactless refueling;
  • queue control.

Key objects of surveillance at a gas station

To ensure the safety of material values ​​(goods, money, food, fuel) and employees, gas station cameras are installed in the following zones:

  1. Checkout area.

Here you need protection from robbers and internal theft.

If we talk about possible robbery and taking out goods without payment (shoplifting), then cameras should be located in 3 places:

  • above the cashier, facing the visitor;
  • on the door at eye level;
  • on the door outside.

This combination of cameras provides a panoramic view and maximum information about the offender to investigate the event.

If we talk about the control of cash transactions, then it is necessary to use video analytical systems capable of recording all abnormal transactions. Read more in the article “Control of cash transactions: TOP 7 types of fraud and errors at the cash register“.

  1. Fuel dispensers.

Cameras track the following situations:

Technical characteristics of outdoor cameras should take into account atmospheric phenomena, illumination capabilities, wide viewing angle, integration with intelligent video analytics.

  1. Mini-markets and cafeterias.

Shoplifters, kleptomaniacs and just petty thieves love to shop at gas stations. In order to avoid losses from the sales area of ​​a store and cafe of a gas station, high-resolution cameras and monitors for public viewing (under the ceiling) are installed.

  1. Warehouses.

According to the results of investigations, it turned out that about 7.6% of losses may arise due to the fault of suppliers, and 33.3% — due to theft of employees. You can read about how to protect a warehouse/storage in the article “Cloud video surveillance for warehouses: implementation in 3 steps“.

Audio control

What benefit can a microphone mounted above the cash register bring?

  1. Verification of documents for the sale of alcohol and tobacco.
  2. Resolving controversial issues with clients.
  3. Compliance with corporate scripts in customer service.

Recognition of license plates

Due to the need for contactless service methods, algorithms for recognizing license plates began to be rapidly introduced at gas stations. This is necessary to avoid non-payment for self-service and postpaid refueling systems.

Intelligent analytics for license plate recognition contributes to the automated tracking of the time that a car spents near a gas station. These indicators are needed to assess the efficiency of a fuel dispenser at different times of the day or week, as well as to calculate the station’s throughput and optimize the employee  schedule.

You can read all about video analytics in the transport sector here.

How to ensure safety in 3 easy steps

Due to the specifics of the gas station operation, a special approach to the organization of a monitoring system is required. It is necessary to take into account the increased fire hazard, round-the-clock work, lack of security, as well as the high risks of theft and robbery.

Experts give advice on how to protect any gas station in three simple steps:

  1. Planning/design.

A gas station is not a facility where the preparatory process can be ignored. It is imperative that you contact professionals who will document and agree on a video surveillance project design, take into account the specifics of the enterprise. Without this stage, it is impossible to launch the facility into operation.

  1. Use of equipment with low voltage power supply.

A gas station is a facility of increased fire hazard. Safety requirements at gas stations dictate the mandatory use of equipment with low-voltage power supply (alternating current, 24V). Smaller cable sizes are also required to reduce interference and other equipment’s force field. Cameras must have an additional thermal casing. Video equipment is installed on metal brackets.

  1. Mandatory implementation of video analytics.

A modern gas station cannot do without video analytical systems that are integrated into video surveillance. This is necessary both for the physical safety of personnel and customers, and for solving business problems. We recommend implementing intelligent software from the international company called Faceter. The possibilities of video analytics based on neural networks are almost endless: it has intelligence, hearing and vision.


A gas station is a specific commercial enterprise that does not have an autonomous security system. As a rule, at a small gas station there are two or three people who carry out the financial and economic activities of the gas station. A lot of material values ​​are concentrated at a small gas station. To avoid major losses, the owners of gas stations install a large number of cameras inside and on the territory of the gas station. And the most far-sighted entrepreneurs are introducing intelligent video analytics systems for detailed monitoring and control at gas stations.

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