Installation aspects of analytical video surveillance systems

Installation aspects of analytical video surveillance systems

Video surveillance, as part of the IT market, has undergone significant changes over the past 5 years. The fact is that video surveillance has acquired a lot of new characteristics: hearing, vision and artificial intelligence. Thus, video monitoring has ceased to perform exclusively the functions of ensuring security, and has become an indispensable assistant for business and public sector. And today we will talk about what installation aspects analytical video surveillance systems have.

What is an analytical video surveillance system?

Just imagine that your video monitoring system is capable of self-organization and self-learning. It can not only record what is happening online. It is capable of instant analysis of data and can perform the following tasks:

This is an analytical or intelligent video surveillance system.

Types of systems

Taking into account the scope of application, video analytic systems can be classified as follows:

  1. Based on biometrics (according to the individual structure of the skull).
  2. Perimeter.

Video analysis of vast territories is being carried out. Sensors are installed for crossing borders and lines, as well as for throwing objects over an established line.

  1. Situational.

The goal is to monitor emergency situations. Objects of surveillance can be a person, a crowd, their movement, as well as the movement of vehicles. If an analytical system detects the fact of deviation from the specified parameters, then it notifies the operator about the violation and possible undesirable variants of events.

  1. For business.

In order to reduce costs, optimize staff work and increase business profitability, it is recommended to use intelligent video surveillance systems capable of collecting and analyzing the behavior of customers and staff, counting their number, and reading emotions.

  1. For the transport sector

Here we are talking, first of all, about the recognition of license plates, vehicle movement based on specified parameters (for example, driving directions) and forecasting traffic load in big cities.

Installation aspects

If conventional CCTV cameras can be installed without detailed design, then the installation of analytical video surveillance requires a special approach.

Read how to install video surveillance with your own hands here.

Typical mistakes

Installation of video surveillance cameras with built-in analytics assumes that the following mistakes will not be made during the installation:

  1. Inaccurately set goals with the client.

The client should clearly describe the goals of the video analysis, for example:

  • face recognition or license plates;
  • maintaining lists (VIP or black list of visitors);
  • counting the number of visitors;
  • detailing the working time of employees;
  • border crossing, etc.

Installation is carried out depending on the purpose (height, angle of installation, lighting).

  1. Lack of a competent assessment of the general situation for monitoring.

It is important to evaluate the location of cameras depending on climatic conditions, scalability and/or equipment connection to a local network, focal lengths. This is necessary for direct installation, as well as for the correct presentation of information from cameras.

  1. Incorrect zoning of the surveillance area.

Zoning, as such, is not regulated by strict rules, but its absence leads to a lack of understanding of the general concept. A large area, such as shopping center or hypermarket, is recommended to be divided into the following zones:

  • storage of material and commodity values;
  • increased danger;
  • control;
  • common use;
  • staff area;
  • cash registers and others.
  1. Improper selection of equipment and lack of integration opportunities.

The set of equipment is determined individually in each case. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the connectors, possibility of adapting software and integration with other equipment.

  1. Inaccurate determination of the places for cameras and/or lack of coordination with the client in this matter.

As a rule, this leads to conflicts with customers: cameras are in the wrong places, interior has been spoiled, and visibility — blocked.

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The purpose of this article is to inform the reader about the current trends in the video surveillance market. Please note that intelligent video analysis is not a fantasy invention or exclusive solution for millionaires. Video surveillance with artificial intelligence is publicly available.

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