List of the best camera integrations for surveillance + expert opinion

Technological integrations and enhancements have become a major part of security systems. Today, manufacturers are trying to take a multi-tasking approach to create their products. 

Thanks to a large list of features, video surveillance integrations are leading the market. In this article, we will talk about the top features of such systems. 

Video surveillance system integration – why do we need it? 

Different systems are combined in all sorts of ways with video surveillance to create an autonomous, configurable security network. 

This allows a single system to solve several problems. For example, control of access to private territory, situational monitoring with online response to suspicious activities, etc. 

The backbone of video camera integration is video analytics

The most common integrated video surveillance system is IP cameras + software based on artificial intelligence. 

Video analytics allows users to search a large database of footage of the desired event and verify the fact of violation. Additionally, the software works with alarms. This means that if a violation is recorded, the system itself will notify the owner. 

TOP 4 integration possibilities

Video surveillance system integration is constantly evolving. Every year there are new integrations, yet here are the most popular ones for today. 

  1. Video Verification. This feature allows the user to assess the causes of alarm triggering, as well as reduce the percentage of false alarms and timely call the emergency response service. 
  2. “Visionary” security system. This option combines video surveillance and security sensors with an alarm. The system responds not only by triggering sensors but also by analyzing data from video analytics. This helps not only to react in time but also to record the facts of the violation. 
  3. Entry access control. This system has been on the Russian market for a long time. However, old security cards, tourniquets, and tokens are becoming a thing of the past. They are replaced by contactless access systems, which reduce the chance of unwanted persons entering the building. And along with video surveillance and Face ID the owner has access to alarms and face recording of troublemakers. 

Learn more about entry control in this article: “Differences and similarities between access control and entry control“. 

  1. Mobile remote access to video cameras. Almost all camera manufacturers have developed special offers for their devices. From it, you can review the footage at any location. 

Expert opinion

Integrating video cameras with different systems to create a comprehensive security system is a video surveillance trend until 2026. 

And these trends are matched by Faceter, a feature-rich cloud-based mobile monitoring application. The service has: 

Faceter is not just video surveillance, it’s a comprehensive portable security system, as good as the functionality of the top market trends. 


Video surveillance market is evolving, and today monitoring is not used to record what is happening at the sites. Video surveillance allows you to create comprehensive and multi-functional security systems that are suitable for individuals, businesses, and government agencies. 

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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