Differences and Similarities Between Access Control and Entry Control

Differences and Similarities Between Access Control and Entry Control

Access control and entry control are often considered the same terms, synonyms. TDSi, HID, and Integrated Design Limited emphasize subtle but significant differences between the two.

In this article, we will determine whether this is so and if there are differences.

Subtleties of definition

The main reason for the confusion lies in the terms themselves because “access” and “entrance” are similar in meaning. But if you analyze the interpretation, then everything will fall into place.

What is Access Control?

The term is comprehensive. Access control is a system of software and hardware. It handles the authentication and decides whether to let the person into the restricted area, such as a warehouse, office, school, etc.

Read more about access control in our article: “The principle of the” gold standard “of contactless access in 2021“.

What is login control?

Login control is a more complex system. It verifies registered personnel based on face recognition, badges, passwords, and other account information. Based on the data received, the system decides whether a person is allowed access to the zone.

More information is in the article: “The Benefits of Biometrics for Business Security in 2021”.

Video control and physical access

Some entry control systems do not 100% protect territories from the entry of strangers and subsequently do not help with the incident investigation. Therefore, entrepreneurs are strengthening their protection by integrating an access control system and video surveillance.

Video recordings help operators identify people who violate the rules and stop such incidents. But for the cameras to protect the territory, it is necessary to introduce intelligent monitoring.

Benefits of symbiosis

Video surveillance and access control expand the capabilities of each other. For example, turnstiles by themselves cannot signal a violation, and the control system cannot independently stop a person. Then smart cameras come to the rescue.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of symbiosis using video surveillance from Faceter. Smart cameras can analyze what is happening and identify offenders. In addition, the devices react in real-time and send a piece of video material where the person is visible to the operator.

This allows you to prevent unnecessary violations because, as proven, a person under supervision behaves more rationally. Read the article: “Video analytics: control of the work process.”

Instead of conclusion

Access control and entry control, although similar, are still different concepts. Each of these systems performs its function, but a ready-made control organism can be enhanced with intelligent video surveillance from Faceter.

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