The principle of the “gold standard” of contactless access in 2021

The principle of the “gold standard” of contactless access in 2021

Suddenly, the whole world was at the epicentre of a new epidemiological reality. It took drastic measures to minimize bodily and domestic contact in the office and public places. Requirements for social distancing affected all people, without exception, as consumers and workers. Let’s talk about the development of the access control sector in 2021 and its main principle of “contact-free and remoteness”.

Realities of 2021

“Gold Standard” 2021-2030 ensures increased safety of all countries’ populations. Russia is no exception. However, the situation is aggravated by the low level of implementation of contactless and remote access innovations, even under the threat of state penalties.

Most large office centres are far from being smart offices.

Shopping centres cannot meet their current needs for contactless technology, including thermometry and monitoring compliance with new hygiene requirements.

Russian manufacturing enterprises were not ready for a quick change of the access system (from traditional passes and remote controls to contactless methods).

Pilot projects of the Safe City System (SCS) are being tested in only a few cities:

  • Moscow and Elektrostal;
  • Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk;
  • St. Petersburg and Shlisselburg;
  • Donetsk.

Innovation guarding epidemiological safety

Comprehensive protection of business and public places requires introducing video surveillance + ACS (access control and management system). In particular, we are talking about office and business centres, hotels, industrial areas, warehouses and secure facilities.

The segment of the IT market responsible for developments in the field of access control systems is at the forefront today. It is required to create innovative and cost-effective contactless access and remote control devices that meet the demands of tomorrow.

Contactless access

The principle of the gold standard in the era of a global pandemic is the contact-free of technology. Therefore, access cards and identification cards are fading into oblivion at an accelerated pace.

Contactless access control systems are already used today using credentials on a mobile device (most often on smartphones). It is enough for a person to bring a mobile device, which is always at hand, to a biometric reader to complete the identification process. At the same time, ACS systems can use software that determines a particular area of ​​the location of a mobile device (the number of meters and proximity to the door) to control access without the use of hands and physical touch.

The access control system using Face ID technology (contactless video face recognition) is also spreading. In addition to providing contactless access to premises, these systems are capable of:

  • carrying out video recording;
  • maintaining “black” and “white” lists;
  • automatic generation of reports on detailing working hours and collection marketing information;
  • prompt information to the operator about the events that have occurred (sending messages to a mobile device);
  • giving alarm signals and pass them on to law enforcement agencies.

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Remote security control

Mass migration to cloud systems, including video surveillance and access control systems, simplifies the remote management of objects and provides continuous control and flexibility.

Innovative techniques for remote security management include:

  • registration of employees and visitors. Access via mobile phones and distribution of access codes by e-mail;
  • blocking / unblocking of any entry points to the premises;
  • thermometry. Both separate hardware devices are used to establish the temperature of the human body (thermometers, thermal imagers, thermal imaging cameras), as well as integrated systems;
  • contact tracing, social distancing. Uses Bluetooth technology that interacts with access control;
  • change of schedules. Now the personal presence of an administrator or a security representative is no longer required to manage the building schedule (open, close, change);
  • quick alerts. Employees and visitors of public institutions can receive messages in real-time;
  • integration with video surveillance to monitor and control video streams in combination with access events.


The fundamental of the gold standard in matters of public safety in the 20s of the 21st century is contact-free and remoteness. A modern, hands-free access system that works from anywhere in the world is part of adapting the business to new realities. Outdated norms and systems fail to make way for new technologies.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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