Queues monitoring in retail. Number of solutions for efficiency

Queues monitoring in retail. Number of solutions for efficiency

The retail industry has always been subject to theft and fraud. It cannot be eradicated, but the time has come to use the latest technology. In this article, we will talk about the behavioral analysis of buyers and methods of theft prevention. All this is provided by the installation of video surveillance in the store.

Integration of video surveillance and POS terminals

POS equipment is a terminal for non-cash payments with software. It is used not only for calculating buyers but also for accounting for goods and simplifying inventory.

Integration of this system with video surveillance allows you to control and suppress theft, fraud schemes at the checkout and in the store itself. For optimal performance, you will need:

  • installation of surveillance cameras with video analytics (face recognition function) on the territory of the facility and at the checkout;
  • connection of cloud data storage;
  • constant monitoring of suspicious activities. The video surveillance algorithm works according to special filters that detect violations;
  • reports on the work of the entire department or separately for each employee who works with money.

As the data of the past years show, entrepreneurs in retail cannot independently monitor the actions of employees and prevent theft and fraud. They don’t have time for it. The fundamental condition for doing business in 2021 is the control of cash registers using video surveillance.

Additionally, the integration of smart video surveillance and POS terminals helps in monitoring queues. It is necessary to collect marketing information for business development:

  • recognition of gender and age of buyers;
  • control of the flow of new and regular customers;
  • calculating the average waiting time in queues;
  • control of the number of buyers who left.

This information is essential for business development. By understanding problems, an entrepreneur will be able to find ways to solve them.

The foundation for building effective control systems

You can’t just put on surveillance cameras and hope that the company’s work will improve. The control system should consist of several parts.

Video analytics

It’s not enough to record people with cameras; you need to analyze what is happening. And to exclude the human factor, an objective assessment is required. This is facilitated by video analytics with artificial intelligence.

Also, due to the large flow of people, ordinary cameras are useless, it becomes difficult to count visitors. With the help of analytical algorithms, the percentage of errors can be reduced to a minimum.

Special devices integration

Additionally, an infrared camera and a laser rangefinder are used. Typically, such devices implement the following video analytics filters:

  • the direction of movement;
  • movement speed;
  • control of moving and standing people;
  • transmission and analysis of incoming information through the software.

Simple retail solution. Faceter

In 2021, you don’t have to buy unnecessary equipment. You can control your business, money, and the quality of staff work from your phone. Install the Faceter app, connect to IP cameras at the surveillance point and always stay on top of what is happening.

The service will replace your security guard, manager and notify you in case of suspicious actions. Video surveillance from Faceter will protect you from unnecessary expenses and open up vast possibilities of video analytics:

  • Face ID function;
  • maintaining “white” and “black” lists of buyers;
  • classification of visitors by gender and age;
  • control over the work of employees;
  • count of the waiting time of clients in queues;
  • notifications in case of deviation from the norms of service.

For more information about the analytics capabilities of the service, follow the link.

How long is the store’s video surveillance stored in such a database? Ir depends on the chosen tariff: from 1 to 7 days. And then, the information can be transferred to the cloud and stored indefinitely.


Monitoring queues and controlling cash transactions will allow a business to save up to 60% of its revenue. But it is essential to establish a monitoring system that is flexible and widely available. The Faceter service meets these requirements.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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