Safe school project. How can we protect our children?

Safe school project. How can we protect our children?

The school safety system aims to increase the security of students and the awareness of parents about what is happening in the educational organization. In this article, we will tell you what the project includes and how it is implemented.

Typical solutions

The technological organization of safety at the school began several decades ago. Today, some educational establishments have:

  • turnstiles with an access control system;
  • SMS notifications to parents about the arrival and departure of children from school;
  • time tracking system.

But thanks to the development of IT technologies, security in the school with video surveillance can be strengthened. For example:

  • create access restrictions to certain rooms;
  • implement video analytics to control the situation;
  • make an automatic warning system for police or firefighters in emergencies.

More about video surveillance

For several years, video monitoring systems have managed to enter almost all spheres of human life; schools and kindergartens are no exception.

Pros and Cons

The introduction of video surveillance in schools has shown the following advantages:

  • suppression of offenses on the territory of the school (fights, smoking, walking dogs, drinking alcohol, selling drugs, etc.);
  • resolving disputes between school staff and students;
  • assistance in proceedings in case of child trauma;
  • increasing the quality of the guards’ work;
  • assistance in crimes investigation (for example, the anti-terrorist security system at school 2021);
  • suppression of bullying.

Among the shortcomings of monitoring, only high financial costs for implementing a large-scale functioning system can be distinguished. But this issue is easily solved by the introduction of not analog but cloud video surveillance. Read on for more details.


Some parents and school staff may come across the idea of ​​using video surveillance negatively. And there are reasons for this. Who will view the information from the cameras, and will there be a data leak?

But in responsible educational establishments, this situation will not happen because a competent person must replace the operator who will analyze the materials. One will be responsible for the safety of information following Part 6 of Art. 13.11 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation.

In general, the installation of video surveillance in schools is permitted by law. The only condition is to put a notice about the CCTV. Hidden cameras are prohibited, as well as monitoring in toilets and changing rooms.

Additionally, you can consider the issue of video surveillance in kindergarten. The situations are very similar.

Equipment features

A regular home camera will not work for school. There are three basic hardware requirements for the system to work 100% properly:

  • need a vandal-proof housing for cameras. More details are in “Anti-vandal cameras. Ten main selection criteria”;
  • cameras should capture sound. This will help in suppressing bullying, insults, and recoding illegal dialogues (selling drugs, setting dates for fights, etc.);
  • shooting should be in color or black and white. There are no special requirements, although color images better convey the situation.

Faceter: cloud service + video analytics

There is another requirement for video surveillance in educational organizations  – the presence of a video analyst. It will allow with an accuracy of 99% to determine the dangerous behavior of people, recognize faces, and record offenses with timely notification of what is happening.

Pay attention to the international “smart” monitoring service Faceter, used in business, at home, in factories, and in schools.

Benefits of Cloud Surveillance from Faceter:

  • multilevel access to equipment (administration, school staff, parents);
  • notification system for the responsible person;
  • the maximum level of data cyber protection;
  • lack of wires, unnecessary equipment (only required number of IP cameras, a monitor, and an Internet connection are required);
  • video analytics.

Instead of conclusion

Video surveillance in schools is smoothly integrated into all institutions of the country. There is nothing illegal in this; on the contrary, the system can increase students’ safety levels. But so that the educational establishments do not go broke on implementing large-scale systems, choose cloud systems,e.g., Faceter.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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