Video surveillance in kindergarten: points for and against

Video surveillance in kindergarten: points for and against

Should you install video surveillance cameras in kindergartens or not? This question always causes a storm of emotions and divides parents and the kindergarten staff into two opposing sides. There will always be those who advocate modern methods of ensuring the safety of children and those who are categorically against any video filming.

Let’s take a closer look at this topic, referring to the law. You will also learn about the most optimal video surveillance option for kindergartens. Read on.

Cameras in kindergarten: reality show or irreplaceable helpers

Naturally, there can be no unequivocal attitude towards CCTV cameras in preschool institutions. As they say, so many people, so many minds.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that we are talking about children (our main treasures in life), and many parents cannot adequately assess the various life situations in which their own children participate.

So what is video surveillance in kindergarten: a reality show or an irreplaceable assistant for all sides of interaction?

The law

A kindergarten is an educational and public institution. The law obligates to install video surveillance in kindergartens, as part of countering terrorism. The basis is Law No. 35 (dated 06.03.2006) and the Concept of Countering Terrorism in the Russian Federation (clause 11 “d”), approved in 05.10.2009.

Cameras should be installed on the ground floor of the kindergarten and outside around the perimeter. The consent of the staff of the preschool institution and the parents/guardians of the children is not required, and the costs for video monitoring are covered by the local authorities.

However, the installation of cameras in other premises of the kindergarten, for example, the organization of video surveillance in a kindergarten group, is not regulated by anti-terrorist acts, and the costs are borne by the parents (in equal shares).

There are a number of requirements that must be met:

  1. Video surveillance (kindergarten) must be open. It is prohibited to use hidden micro cameras and other spy equipment that is disguised in the interior. Information signs (text or graphic) should be placed on the territory of the surveillance zone.
  2. According to the current legislation (Art. 152.1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and Federal Law No. 149 of 27.07.2006), the kindergarten management must obtain the written consent of all persons who will get on camera. It is about the consent of the workers, parents or legal guardians of children.
  3. A person responsible for storing data is appointed, who bears administrative and criminal responsibility. As a rule, this is the head of the kindergarten.

Points FOR

Supporters of video surveillance in kindergartens argue their decision with the following facts:

  1. Control of the entries of unauthorized persons and vehicles into the facility is carried out, as well as detailed monitoring of the adjacent territory. Integration with an ACS system is possible.
  2. Video surveillance reveals inappropriate and/or violent behavior of caregivers.
  3. Also, signs of incorrect behavior of children and parents are revealed, in this regard, the number of claims against kindergarten workers is reduced. Controversial and conflict situations are resolved faster and easier.
  4. Parents have the opportunity to watch and control the behavior of their child (what they do, how they behave, how they eat, how they play). It promotes calmness and reduces anxiety.
  5. Video recordings can be used as analytical material when improving the work process and other educational activities.


Opponents of video surveillance in kindergarten groups prove their position with the following arguments:

  1. Employees of kindergartens say that working under a camera is uncomfortable. Although adaptation takes no more than 2 weeks, and according to statistics in the Russian Federation, more than 60% of employers use video cameras in their workplaces. Back in 2018, more than 170 thousand cameras were installed in Moscow in city institutions (schools, parking lots, clinics, kindergartens, authorities).
  2. Parents claim that they do not want strangers to look at their child.
  3. Worried about a possible data leak. To ensure maximum security and protection of the video archive, it is recommended to use cloud storage.

CONCLUSION: arguments AGAINST are 100% based not on facts, but on feelings, personal attitudes and fears that may not occur. Thus, we can conclude that there are more advantages to installing cameras in kindergartens than disadvantages.

Installation algorithm

To create a video surveillance system in a kindergarten, use the following algorithm:

  1. Get parents to make a unanimous decision to install cameras indoors. Draw up a document in the form of a meeting protocol.
  2. Pass the protocol to the head of the kindergarten. There must be a compromise between the parents and the manager, as well as a written circle of persons who will be responsible for storing the data.
  3. The head of the kindergarten, on behalf of the organization, concludes a contract for video surveillance services with a supplier/provider.
  4. Payment for video surveillance (purchase of equipment, installation, adjustment, etc.) is distributed among parents in equal shares. It is included in the monthly fee.


Pay attention to the international service called Faceter, which provides the maximum level of protection of the surveilled facility and comprehensive support.

Faceter is:

  • free innovative software;
  • ability to quickly create a video surveillance system + ability to maintain lists (white, black) and face recognition function;
  • multi-level and collective access to cameras (for administration, employees and parents separately);
  • quick notifications of events for the operator/responsible person;
  • secure online viewing of the video archive on a PC or mobile devices;
  • secure storage of encrypted video.

Kindergarten online video surveillance is Faceter.

Instead of a conclusion

Installation of video cameras in kindergartens is objectively necessary. It is mandatory on the first floors of preschool institutions and along the outer perimeter, and in the interior it is needed to ensure the peace of mind of parents and resolve disputes.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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