Video surveillance system for crowded places. 6 reasons for installation

What is a video surveillance system for public gathering places? How does intelligent video analytics help enhance the effectiveness of security systems? Let’s talk about six reasons to install digital video cameras at public events.  

Public Event Security

All activities aimed at ensuring security during public events are divided into:

  • legal;
  • organizational;
  • social. 

Their purpose is the protection/security of all types and objects of property, as well as ensuring the personal, public and property safety of participants and spectators of mass events. In addition, modern technology contributes to improving the efficiency of organizational processes at events and solving business problems. 

Role of video analytics in security system

Specifically, “smart” video analytics, as part of a video surveillance system, provides the following capabilities: 

  • complete situational awareness;
  • identification, classification, and counting of visitors/participants;
  • facial recognition in a crowd and maintenance of lists (“white” and “black”); 
  • interactive search for people;
  • detection of items left behind and/or sabotage;
  • control of compliance with epidemiological measures. 

Due to the extensive capabilities of accumulating large amounts of video information and instant analysis based on artificial intelligence and heat maps, event organizers get valuable marketing information. And remotely controlled systems allow them to monitor, control and interact with public sites, directing the flow of vehicles and groups of people in the right direction.  

 6 reasons to install smart video surveillance

The use of digital video surveillance systems is essential for current operational and critical tasks, as well as for improving management decisions. 

Let’s consider 6 main reasons to install smart video surveillance in crowded places and public events:

  1. Increased physical security.

For example, the use of thermal imaging cameras can visualize trails and paths in the site, as well as see popular entry-exit points and crowded places. Accordingly, the security operator can monitor problem areas and make informed decisions about increasing/decreasing the number of guards. 

2. Predictive analysis and situation investigation capabilities.

Predictive video analytics algorithms are capable of self-training and predicting possible events. To do this, a number of technologies are implanted in the brains of the camera:

  • human face emotion recognition;
  • detection and analysis of unclaimed items;
  • recording the facts of deviations from the set parameters. 

Consider situations: a person or vehicle violated the established boundaries, an abandoned package/toy was found, or a person’s face is distorted with rage. A smart camera equipped with a predictive sensor will not only record the episode but also notify the operator of the abnormal situation. 

      3. Remote property management capabilities.

Owners of venues for public events need state-of-the-art facilities to productively address expansion and construction issues. Analysis of vehicular and human traffic navigation patterns, obtained through smart video recording, will help. Visualizing daily flows near stores or restaurants will allow for productive estimates of rental property values. Notably, the data can be obtained and analyzed remotely from the property.

     4. Simplification of facility maintenance and operation issues.

Video analytics systems allow you to generate reports on entry-exit point activity at a facility. For example, a stadium or large conference hall can have up to 30 entrances. Cameras can visualize data on traffic trends at specific times. And that means this information will help to allocate personnel competently, thereby providing a guaranteed quality and safe service

     5. Retail Surveillance.

IP cameras are reliable and impartial observers. They allow the owners of the retail facilities to see the behavior of customers and staff. What paths does the customer take? How many minutes does he wait in line or at the front desk? Quantitative data can help plan marketing campaigns, attract the right number of employees, and establish a re-stocking process.

      6. Marketing Data Collection.  

Video analytics provides in-depth insights into visitor demographics. This data is needed to set up the service process and increase the profits of the commercial enterprise. 

Faceter capabilities

Using computer vision video surveillance technology, based on a network of miners from international company Faceter, you get versatile analytics. Faceter’s facial recognition efficiency is 99.8%, as confirmed by the University of Washington (USA) research. 

An additional plus will be a convenient API for integration with your loyalty program or CRM system. 

You can read about all the smart features of Faceter here and about the tariff plans here


Mass events pose a threat precisely because of crowds of people, and the effectiveness of security services is automatically reduced. Control over the situation requires modern telecommunication technologies and video analytics services. We recommend Faceter.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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