Smart Video Camera. Security and 5 more reasons for installation

Video surveillance cameras have become an integral part of business life for quite a long time. The affordability and wide functionality of video recording have allowed it to become a popular service among individuals. What features does a camera for home surveillance with recording give the user? Read about it in this article.

What is a smart video camera?

What does a regular camera do? It takes an image and transmits it to a monitor or server. That’s the end of its capabilities. 

You can watch the video, but if you want to react to an urgent situation you should be at the monitor and look permanently at the situation on the other side of the screen.

A smart video camera is equipped with intelligence and specialized software. It has a wide range of features, gadgets, and sensors. It operates like a surveillance tool and reacts itself, taking necessary actions depending on the current situation at the object of observation.

Smart video devices have appeared recently, but they are already actively gaining the market and users’ favor. Such video cameras are either a part of the “Smart Home” system or work independently.  

Top 6 reasons to install

There is a list of reasons in favor of installing a smart home camera. You can identify your personal reasons. 

Let’s outline the top 6 factors:

  • Safety.
  • Parental control.
  • Animal surveillance.
  • Watching the elderly and sick people.
  • Searching for belongings.
  • Staff supervision.


The main reason is to protect your home from burglars and criminals. With a smart camera, it becomes much safer and more secure. 

The camera can recognize the faces of tenants and strangers, track the actions of people, and turn on only when a special sensor is triggered. And that saves energy.

In case of intrusion of an intruder into the apartment, the user will instantly receive a notification. The smart camera will be able to distinguish the movement of branches behind the window or animals from a person. Thus there will be very few false alarms. 

Parental Control

One of the essential features of smart video surveillance is parental controls. You can watch what your child is doing or how his babysitter is behaving when you are away.

When your child is alone at home, a remote video baby monitor that can fit in your smartphone can help. It will let you know when, for example, your child is busy playing on his tablet instead of studying. 

Animal Watching.

A smart camera can be part of a smart home system. Then special settings and sensors will detect that the animal needs food or water and give a command to the auto-feeder.

In addition, dog lovers (and not only) know that sometimes it is not easy to find things hidden by pets. Pet video surveillance will help with that.

And, in fact, watching the videos of the pets sometimes turns out to be great fun.

Virtual monitoring of elderly and/or sick relatives

Sick or elderly relatives require special attention, often around the clock. Smart video surveillance will track a stop and report an emergency situation.

This feature is especially in demand in hospitals and clinics. A broader list of smart video camera features will be used here. Telemedicine is the observation of staff and visitors in their interaction, observation of seriously ill patients, collection of marketing data, etc.  

Finding Things

Everyone has experienced at least once in their lives that they can’t find something at home. Someone is constantly “losing” something. The smart camera will help you quickly find what is missing. 

This feature is especially relevant when the house was cleaned by a hired service.    

Monitor the staff.

Very often it turns out that the house repair is actively progressing only if the labor process is controlled by the homeowner. Otherwise, work time flows smoothly into numerous breaks. 

A smart camera perfectly copes with this issue. 


Do you need a smart home video camera? Faceter’s cloud-based video surveillance service will be a smart assistant in your home. Faceter has all of the features listed above and a whole range of other features as well. 

Faceter’s smart video surveillance can be free or at an affordable price. Any user will be able to choose the functionality they are in need of.   


The smart video camera actively occupies its niche among the mandatory, necessary mechanisms for life. By combining it with the “Smart Home” system, it becomes more functional and greatly simplifies the life of its users.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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