Video analytics as part of the IT market: 9 main types

Video analytics as part of the IT market: 9 main types

According to forecasts of US experts in the field of IT technologies, the video analytics market will rise from 2.6 to 11.2 billion dollars by 2022, provided that the average annual growth continues to be at 33.8%.

Experts say that the main factor affecting the size of the global circulation of IT technologies is the high demand for video analytics systems that can recognize faces. This function is an advanced method of increasing safety in cities, prevention of offenses and crimes. In addition, analytics is most often used by entrepreneurs to identify customers and improve service quality.

Definition of video analytics

A video analytics system is an advanced technology based on computer vision to automatically obtain information through in-depth analysis of video content received in real time. The system uses recordings as input to compare them against conditions set at the center of the entire program.

So, depending on the type of analysis required, software looks for specific details in the frame. If the event meets the specified conditions, the system owner is notified.

Main purpose of intelligent video analytics

In 2020, many organizations are installing video surveillance systems to improve business security and employee productivity through smart cameras.

Faceter strives to simplify and make intelligent video analytics accessible to everyone. This minimizes the cost of installing a security system and data analysis.

For example, to connect Faceter you only need an IP camera/smartphone (as surveillance) and a phone (as a monitor). The process of turning an ordinary smartphone into a video monitoring system is described in more detail in the articles: “4 steps of connecting a CCTV camera to your phone” and “Video surveillance via the Internet: 5 facts you should know about“.

Video analytics devices are mainly used in business for the following tasks:

  • search and classification of recordings according to the established parameters;
  • real-time notifications in the event of rule violations, which allows you to speed up the response to emerging threats;
  • face and emotion recognition;
  • counting the number of visitors;
  • employee work hours calculation;
  • analysis of visitors, maintaining white and black lists;
  • detailing the staff schedule.

More information about video analytics cameras can be found in the article: “Video analytics for business in 2020: opportunities and solved problems“.

By installing gadgets with video analysis software, entrepreneurs achieve their business goals by motivating staff and increasing business security.

9 types of video analytics in the IT market

According to experts from Research and Markets, the largest research agency, the video analytics market is showing rapid growth due to a wide variety of products that are used in different fields.

The following types of video analytics are popular in the world in 2020:

  1. Situational.

It is used to capture and recognize suspicious situations in which people or vehicles are involved. The operating rules are set by the system owner.

  1. Biometric.

It is used to recognize faces from white and black lists based on biometric data.

  1. Technological.

The system is installed to control production processes and improve quality and volumes.

  1. Entrepreneurial.

The option is relevant for a company management, assessment and improvement of work performance, analysis of the clientele. The system is distinguished by the ability to summarize all received data and to draw up detailed reports.

  1. Tampering.

Used to monitor equipment and identify technical errors and problems. Analytics helps to promptly respond to unplanned interference in video surveillance, the alarm is triggered in case of fogging, staining or changes in the location of the camera.

  1. Perimetral.

The method is used for the protection and analysis of large areas. Smart cameras are placed around the perimeter of the surveillance facility.

  1. Multi-camera.

The system helps to equip a facility with a video analytics network so that the entire territory, every corner is under surveillance.

  1. System with maximum clarity.

The option is used for HD filming.

  1. Licence plate.

It is used to recognize license plates on roads, parking lots, yards and other places with traffic.



Video analytics is an emerging and promising direction, which solves many business problems. By analyzing video content, business owners will be able to identify the “weak” aspects of the enterprise and strengthen them. And, most importantly, thanks to the modern cloud service, installing video analytics is no longer a luxury. Intelligent capabilities of IT technologies are available to everyone.


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