Video recording of road accidents in the stream of vehicles. The solution for everyone.

It is not always possible to fairly understand who was at fault in the accident. Fear, desire to hide the details, and the lack of witnesses prevent a full-fledged proceeding. Video recording of car accidents will help to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s. New smart technologies of video surveillance will record any traffic accident and report the incident online. Let’s talk about the Russian development for video surveillance on the roads and fixing accidents in the flow of traffic. 

New technology

Russian developers of “Edge Vision Intelligent Video Analytics” have created a new video surveillance system for roads. The smart system of computer vision distinguishes traffic accidents in the flow of traffic with any participants: pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists.

Recording of accidents is carried out by online analysis of the situation and the situation on the road. Data on the incident with video recording is promptly transferred to the operator. The speed of information transfer does not exceed 10 seconds.

The novelty will be a good assistant for police video surveillance. Today the traffic police cars are equipped with video cameras with audio recordings. 

Principle of operation

The video surveillance system records the occurred road traffic accident. A message about it arrives on an e-mail or operator’s gadget within a few seconds. The information includes the time of the incident and the level of confidence in the fact. 

The operator recognizes the event independently and, if necessary, sets a task for training the smart video system in order to reduce the number of false alarms in the future.  

An archive of video recordings is generated automatically and stored in a specific partition or on an external server. 

Intelligent video analytics – the backbone of video surveillance

Video analytics is the engine of the growing video monitoring market. Developers are striving to get the most out of the video they receive. Incorporating neural networks into a video surveillance system greatly increases the efficiency of the entire system.    

Video surveillance provides effective assistance in the investigation of offenses and crimes. It is difficult to overestimate the capabilities of a video analytics system. This also applies to the investigation of traffic accidents. In this case, the function of recognizing license plates makes a great contribution to the proceedings.   

An intelligent video analytics system analyzes and processes the input data and gives the result according to the set parameters. The traffic police use the system to detect illegal parking, and accidents, determine free routes and recognize license plates. 

Next, we will consider some functions in more detail.

License Plate Number Recognition

The “License plate recognition” function is used in the “Safe smart city” system. Intelligent video monitoring is able to distinguish license plate numbers of cars, even those coming from another country, and record the information.   

License plate recognition software solves a lot of problems for police, businessmen, and city services. For example:

  • prevention and punishment of car owners for violations of traffic rules;
  • control over the flow of cars and other people’s vehicles on the territory of the enterprise;
  • restriction of entry for cars from the “black list”;
  • Parking control: free spaces, time fixation.

Illegal Parking.

In our country, it is difficult to fight with illegal parking of cars with ordinary conversations and threats. Motorists park wherever it is convenient: on lawns, in areas for the disabled, for public transport. Such actions exacerbate the risks of car accidents and incidents, as well as traffic jams on the roads. 

In the courtyard of a high-rise building, an improperly parked vehicle can create a life-threatening situation. For example, when it obstructs the passage of ambulance, fire brigade, or emergency service vehicles. It is already legally considered a security risk. 

Intelligent video surveillance with the function of detecting illegal parking in the “Safe City” system has a lot of advantages for city residents.


In today’s world, the functionality of video recording is expanding, and artificial intelligence is being connected to the work. Now its abilities are used in the rapid registration of the fact, and the analysis of the occurred accident. In turn, this will significantly reduce the time and effectiveness of the investigation of offenses.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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