Video surveillance: 5 main trends in 2020-22

Video surveillance: 5 main trends in 2020-22

Today’s video surveillance market has several growth boosters, driven by macro and microeconomic conditions and the increasing demand for public safety. In particular, in 2020-2022, investments in urban security systems, including anti-terrorist initiatives, will increase, video analytics and robotics will develop. Read about all current and future trends in the video monitoring market in our article.

Video surveillance market statistics

The global and Russian video surveillance market is growing rapidly. According to Mordor Intelligence, a US analytical company, engaged in research in the field of energy in different countries, the volume of the video surveillance market will increase by 10% or more annually. The data is projected up to 2025.

Main market trends for 2020-2022

The main sources of growth in the IT market and, in particular, the video surveillance segment, are tools and algorithms for increasing the level of cybersecurity, development of video analytics and body-worn cameras, creation of “safe city” systems and introduction of robotics.


Ensuring the safety and security of video surveillance systems and storage is the primary goal of software developers. In connection with the introduction of cloud video control with access via the Internet, the systems have lost their “privacy” from the outside world, but have also gained many advantages.

Network technologies have made video surveillance available from anywhere in the world, scalable and intelligent. For example, the Faceter cloud video surveillance system encrypts all incoming data using a complex encryption algorithm. Video materials have a confidentiality status, therefore, they are processed in a completely trusted environment, and videos with elements of personal data are transferred to a decentralized network. Only the owner can gain access to storage using a private encryption key.

Revolution in video analytics

The main power of innovation in 2020-2022 will be directed to the development of software for video surveillance cameras capable of collecting video analytics.

For example, the Faceter international company, a leader in neural networks and artificial intelligence technologies, launched a video surveillance application with intelligent capabilities in 2019. The face recognition option has become part of the Faceter software, and based on the data obtained, the system issues a video analytical report.

If you would like to learn more about the topic of video analytics, then read our article: “Video analytics for business in 2020: opportunities and solutions.

Body-worn cameras

Body-worn cameras have already firmly entered the market and set their footing in it, becoming a mandatory part of the equipment of law enforcement officers in many countries. Studies have shown that wearing devices changes employee behavior, motivates them to behave appropriately, and minimizes violations. The latest statistics showed that the number of complaints against members of the public who were required to wear body-worn surveillance cameras dropped by 93%.

Therefore, companies plan to continue and improve the development of body cameras over the next few years. Also, the technologies are planned to be used on employees of correctional institutions, the Ministry of Emergencies, traffic police, medical care and other representatives interacting with the population. 

Safe сity system

Many countries around the world are striving to create “smart cities”, but such an idea cannot be realized without a proper security system. The intellectual side of any city needs the possibility of prevention and timely response to threats.

The main technologies that are planned to be used in the “safe cities” consist of video monitoring, remote control and management of a network of wireless cameras via the Internet, as well as face and license plate recognition systems. Based on the collected data, detailed reports are compiled.

The service for cloud video surveillance through the Faceter cloud system is suitable for controlling a city, as it has intelligent capabilities. Cameras can be installed on playgrounds, parking lots or in entrances, as well as combined into a single control system over a courtyard or an entire city.

Robotics in video surveillance

All the world’s leading manufacturers in the field of security and military affairs are increasing the volume of production of unmanned transport solutions. Until stationary technologies can 100% cope with their duties, robotics will complement them. Moreover, unmanned devices are aimed at light and simple tasks in order to relieve the security service and give people more time to perform special tasks that robots cannot cope with.


Today and in the near future, the field of video surveillance is purposefully developing and scaling up in areas of application. Surveillance cameras used to be installed in separate public and private facilities, but now video monitoring systems are installed in every home, shop, restaurant and in all cities to ensure the safety of the population. Keep up with the times, follow modern developments and use only the latest technologies.

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