Video surveillance in dentistry: PROS and CONS

Video surveillance in dentistry: PROS and CONS

Have you ever wondered if it is legal to install video cameras in dental clinics and offices? Currently, you can see how two opposite processes are developing: the scope of video surveillance applications is significantly expanding, and the laws regarding video recording activities are becoming stricter. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of installing video cameras in dentistry.

What does the law say?

On the one hand, dentistry is a commercial enterprise to make a profit. On the other hand, it is a medical institution, which is regulated by the state.

The installation of video recording equipment in dental clinics falls under the organization rules for clinics and hospitals. If the enterprise’s attendance is 50 people a day, the management should be guided by the Russian Federation Paragraph No. 272 to ensure anti-terrorist protection of the population.

In addition, based on the current Federal Law No. 152 (namely, Art. 10, Part 2, Clause 4), it is allowed to conduct video surveillance in doctors’ offices (with certain conditions).

Why do dentists need video surveillance?

An organized video control and video monitoring system is aimed at:

  • ensuring general security at the facility;
  • solving professional (medical) and business problems.

 Let’s take a closer look.

Safe space

Video cameras in dentistry are installed to restrain (psychological influence) and protect.

In particular, the presence of video cameras can reduce the number of offenses by 30%. Many malefactors, realizing that video is being filmed at the facility, abandon the intended crime. And if the offense did happen, video materials will help to establish the identity of the offender.

A lot of helpful information is in the article “Investigation of events using video surveillance“.

Control of internal activities

Control of internal activities

The video monitoring system allows you to control:

  • expenditure of medical supplies/medicines, auxiliary materials;
  • activities of employees of the cashier/reception area;
  • compliance with regulations, safety measures;
  • fulfillment of work discipline.

Details are in the article “Video analytics work process control.”

Service improvement

The ultimate goal of dentistry, as a commercial organization, is to profit from medical procedures. Such indicators play an essential role in achieving the goal as:

  • the volume of the client base;
  • number of repeat visits;
  • average cheque;
  • average session time;
  • patient satisfaction.

PRACTICAL TIP: To improve the service, you need to collect marketing data (using intelligent video surveillance services) and regularly analyze it and correct actions.

Also, through video materials, there is a decrease in the percentage of unfounded claims from patients of medical institutions.

Patient safety

What if the client feels bad in the waiting room, in the hallway, or at the dentist’s door? Video surveillance can be the optimal preventive solution. The medical staff will provide timely assistance, thereby protecting the reputation of the clinic.

Camera installation locations

Based on the preceding, it would be most sensible to install cameras in the following places:

  • at the entrance/exit;
  • in the waiting room and corridors;
  • in offices;
  • in the cashier/reception area. 

An article on the topic is here.

Special conditions

The clinic’s management is obliged to:

  1. Place information signs (text or graphic content) about video surveillance on the territory of the clinic.
  2. Prepare a local regulatory document governing the video surveillance process. Designate a circle of responsible persons.
  3. Notify and obtain the consent of staff members regarding workplace video surveillance.
  4. Avoid the installation of cameras in toilets, bathrooms, and changing rooms. A complete list of forbidden places is here.
  5. Ensure compliance with current legislation, including Federal Law No. 152, Paragraph No. 272, etc.
  6. Maintain medical confidentiality. Avoid breaching data confidentiality.


Is there a universal tool that can solve 2in1 security and marketing issues? Yes, this is video surveillance. Dentistry that ignores innovation loses profit, wastes health care budgets, and cannot compete in the market.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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