The best video surveillance for small businesses: 5 benefits + security assessment

Even the smallest of spaces needs to be monitored. To minimize the ongoing costs of a security guard or manager, monitoring comes in handy. In this article, we’ll explore 5 reasons why small business video surveillance is necessary. 

The need for video surveillance for small businesses

Video monitoring has one hidden benefit – it can help a business to expand. How can this happen? 

Cameras can capture violations that lead to unnecessary financial costs for a business. When those costs are reduced, the remaining money can be used to develop the company. 

Benefits of surveillance systems

What kind of violations are we talking about? Let’s take a closer look at the issue. 

  1. Theft. Managers and security guards do not always manage to catch the intruder due to limited capabilities. “Smart” video surveillance will watch people around the clock and look into every corner, leaving no one blind spot. Additionally, the security system will send a notification if it detects a theft. 
  2. Assistance in the investigation. If the theft has occurred, the recording will assist in locating and arresting the offender, as well as recovering the merchandise. 
  3. Employee attendance monitoring. In addition to the violations listed above, there is a non-obvious cause of loss. Businesses can lose customers due to poor customer service. 
  4. Poor quality of service. Employees may be present at the site for all working hours but are rude to visitors. This also affects the reputation of the business and customer flow. 
  5. Fraud by employees. Many steal office supplies, documents, money, etc. All of these result in unnecessary costs to the business. 

The economic security of a small business can be provided by a reliable security system that allows the owner to see the incidents listed. This, in turn, will allow the owner to minimize them and let the freed up costs scale. 

Security assessment in general

In addition to the benefits listed above, the positive effect of simply having surveillance cameras can be highlighted. According to statistics, the installation of video surveillance contributes to a 70% reduction in crimes. And this data is achieved by conventional devices without artificial intelligence. 


Even small business smart security can be budget-friendly. Take advantage of mobile video surveillance from Faceter: 

One smartphone must be installed as a camera, and the other phone will be at your disposal. Through the app, you’ll watch what’s happening at the site in real-time. 

Read more about the features of the service by this link


Small businesses also need security and control just like any other business. Many entrepreneurs refuse to use video surveillance at the beginning of their business. However, it is monitoring that can show the weaknesses of a business, from constant theft to help with market research. 

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Alexander Weber

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