Video surveillance switchboard – what is it? 4 reasons to install it

A video surveillance system often has several video recorders in its complex. The correct setup of the entire system and each individual camera is an important task. All videos must be documented, recorded, and delivered without delay to the general observation post. The basis for the coordinated work of all cameras is a switchboard in a video surveillance system. This is the main issue of the article today.

 Switchboard definition. 

What is a switchboard? Its definition sounds like a “switch”, as a triple adaptor for a socket. It is equipment with multiple port outputs. The switchboard connects all the cameras of the system to combine the collection of information, send it to a single observation post, and transfer data for archiving. It is also used as a video camera control system.

It is impossible to do without the switchboard when multiple cameras are used simultaneously. Choosing a suitable device, you should consider the probability of the increase of cameras over time. It is worth taking a switchboard with a stock of spare ports. In the future, this will save time for additional setup and money for buying a new switchboard.  

4 reasons to install 

The IP surveillance switchboard performs important tasks in the operation of video surveillance equipment.

Let’s outline the 4 main functions of the switch that require its installation:

  1. Combines all video cameras into a network. Otherwise, a separate network with its own equipment and separate features would be required for each of the cameras. Simple tasks and limited functionality of security systems are in the past. Today, there is the concept of converged security. Several technologies are already mixed here, and they solve a whole set of issues.
  2. Supplies power for cameras. In turn, this function eliminates the need for additional wires. But there is a possibility of the cameras working without electricity. 
  3. Makes video recordings of images. Connecting the recorder to the switchboard allows you to save and create an archive of video, which is available for viewing at any time. The recorder affects the storage time of the information archive. Cloud video recording allows you to duplicate the information for the recorder’s disk and send another copy to the cloud storage.    
  4. Controls the operation of video cameras via the Internet. This feature has become a real necessity. Remote control of cameras is relevant and convenient in today’s reality. Motion sensors can also be connected to the switchboard. They “turn on” the camera only when there is a “reason” for recording. The rest of the cameras are waiting for their turn. This feature helps to save kilowatts of electricity and space for video archive recording. And the person watching the remote on the other side of the camera will not be distracted by empty video images. This in turn improves the work of the observation post. 

Faceter alternative solution

Faceter cloud surveillance is multifunctional, convenient and suitable for any video monitoring task. Faceter resources are actively used by both large businesses and individuals in-home surveillance.

The advantages of Faceter’s cloud-based video monitoring and cloud-based video archive give its users ample opportunities not only in surveillance and security but also in conducting marketing research on business processes. 


A video surveillance switchboard became an urgent need a long time ago for anyone who wants to ensure effective protection of their property. The right solution is to turn to a trusted provider and professional installation of surveillance systems when all components of the overall system are initially set up to work smoothly. In the end, it saves time and money.       

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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